The budget of the SME Instrument is a part of the Horizon 2020 budget. It represents 7% of the Company’s Challenges and Leadership in Industrial Technologies.

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The European Commission publishes a biannual work program including the amounts dedicated to each topic. For the SME Instrument 500 million € have been allocated for 2014 and 2015; 10% for Phase 1, 88% for phase 2 and 2% for evaluation and coaching. The quantities are equally divided among the four cuts.

The services of the European Commission in charge of the different subjects could decide to increase their contribution annual budget in order to avoid a premature exhaustion of the budget. This depends on budget availability in other areas of Horizon 2020.

The most complicated part refers to areas with little budget. The amount allocated to projects is not reduced during the process of preparing the grant. Therefore, a single project could use more money than expected for a cut-off point, thus exhausting the budget towards the end of the year.


Image result for horizon 2020On September 24, the deadline for submitting proposals in Phase 1 of the SME Instrument of the Horizon2020 program was completed. EASME ( Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized enterprises ) received 1944 new proposals, which amounts to more than 4600 with those submitted in June.

The ranking by countries continues as last June, with Italy leading the number of applications (351), followed by Spain (283), United Kingdom (149), Germany (128), France (93), and Hungary (91 ).

The topic with the highest number of proposals is ODI ( Open Disruptive Innovation ) with 608, followed by energy systems with low carbon emissions with 268, nanotechnologies (234) and eco-innovations and raw materials (199)

The result of the evaluation is expected to be available by November 2014.

The list of the first 155 beneficiaries of the SME Instrument in phase 1 was published on September 18. Those selected will receive € 50,000 to finance feasibility studies of the projects and may benefit from up to three days of coaching.
From INBIOTIC-ESMEDAGRO as a consultant of the HORIZON2020 We invite you to participate in the next call for which we will offer you the necessary advice. The next date for the submission of proposals to phase 1 is December 17, 2014.

The lowering of tax rates and the tax benefits of insurance

Image result for lower taxThe month of July started with surprises in the fiscal after the measure announced by Mariano Rajoy to advance to that month the tax reduction scheduled for 2016. Subsequently, on July 10, was approved by the Council of Ministers solving a problem that raised this measure , the impossibility of coexisting two marginal types per stretch of profit in the same year. For this reason, it was decided to apply average rates for all of 2015. Specifically, for income of less than 12,450 euros they will be taxed from 20% to 19.5%; for the tranche of 12,450 euros at 20,200 euros, from 25% to 24,5%; between € 20,200 and € 35,200, from 31% to 30.5%; from 35,200 euros to 60,000, from 39% to 38%; while in the income above this threshold, will go from 47% to 46%.

Regarding savings income, a scale will also enter half of what was this year and 2016. Thus the yields will lower their rate from 20% to 19.5% to 6,000 euros, between 6,000 and 50,000 euros is reduced from 22% to 21.5% and higher ones, from 24% to 23.5%. This generates a distortion in favor of the taxpayer that will not be resolved until the next income statement in April-June 2016.

Another demonstration of the tax advantages of Life Insurance

Until July, the returns on accounts, deposits and all products subject to withholding have had a higher rate (20%, 22% and 24% depending on the income tranche) to which they will be taxed, which is why they have generated a higher payment to customers (withholdings) during these months, discounted to their contributions. This again demonstrates the advantages of the better taxation of life insurance or savings insurance, since unlike the accounts, they do not pay until the reimbursement of the same occurs.

That is, in the same case of a deposit, the advantages of not having to pay until that moment are obvious, you have not advanced a payment, higher than the tax rate, and those revenues that are accumulated, generate in turn other higher income . At the time of reimbursement, the insured will pay for the benefits generated from the rescued party, in the taxable base of savings and taxing the rates approved this month of July.

Moreover, if you do not need to redeem any amount and you can do it in 2016, the benefits are even higher, since you will pay 19% up to the first 6,000 euros, 21% from 6,000 to 50,000 euros and 23% for higher amounts at 50,000 euros. That is to say, although income has been generated in 2015 or in previous years, you will liquidate taxes at a more favorable tax rate.

In taxation, not only is the tax rate important, but also the form and timing of taxation is important.

Basic elements when applying for a loan online


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Every time that users think about requesting an online loan, basic elements that are very important to take into account always come to light, in order to choose the option that best suits the needs of the clients, for example, they always look for the lower interest in personal loans and thus have a much lower rate, ie not pay too much for the credit, especially when it is fast and the repayment term is only 30 days.

Factors to consider in the loan

For this type of quick loans, it is necessary to know several of the factors that will play a very essential role and that way you can choose the best option since it is something completely different from the traditional personal loans that are offered in a large number of system banks in Spain.

One of these elements is that the bank in which the credit will be requested must be subject to the legislation in force on all consumer loans, in order to be able to comply with the rights inherent in the consumer, as if it will be about an exchange of goods. So each company defines the business model that it has in mind for its online credits, within which the interest, the conditions and, of course, the commissions may vary.

The factors to be considered in online credits

  • Among the different factors that can be mentioned about the products with the lowest interest in online loans, it can be mentioned, for example, that companies that offer them should be differentiated since they can be intermediary entities, individual lenders or dealers.
  • As if that were not enough also if you are the first time you are going to request a Sahara Acaps payday loans hours online, there are some entities that offer users offers of the first interest-free loan, which can be a very interesting option, to take advantage of and know how it is that you can go work, but with the great advantage that you will have a rate of 0% interest, as long as the money is returned within the agreed period, which can range from 30 to 64 days in some entities.
  • Another situation to take into account are the files of delinquent clients, since it will always depend on the entity that wants to use them, since there are lenders that allow users to be in the Asnef, that is to say that it does not pass for an evaluation of your client’s ability to pay, but there are also other options that go to analyze the financial situation of the client, as well as the ability to pay, therefore each client will know the situation that has happened, so your History will be responsible for choosing the option in which it can be approved.
  • In spite of the above, it may be that in entities that accept having clients with a stained credit history, they give personal loans online to people, but with a slightly higher interest rate, which would be the only way to be able to get the credit
  • So the lowest interest in personal loans is that of the institutions that do check the delinquent files. Last but not least is that within the factors at the time of requesting a quick credit are the penalties in cases of default.


It is undoubtedly a very important element that must be taken into account, since the intention of all is to pay before the maximum period that the company offers, but you also have to anticipate situations where it is not possible, by emergency or any situation that gets out of hand, so we must anticipate and know what is the penalty for lack of payment that the entity where we have requested the fast personal loan online and be ready.

Thrifty Green Energy Tips Save You Money

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Some people will only notice these sounds when built in bed and all is quiet. For other sufferers, the noise can be considerably louder and may have a direct impact on concentration and everyday life, especially if other people such as work colleagues, can also hear robbers. It is quite common for persons to experience tinnitus a few time and other and it will probably affect every age group. For most people, it will just last of a short while after the experience of loud noises such as after a music show. Other temporary cases of tinnitus could be caused by getting cold, dental problems or a blow to the head.

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