Spring is at the door and before long it will again be attractive to cycle around in Denmark’s big cities. If you want to protect the Danish environment and climate, then the bike is the best mode of transport. It can just be hard to find room for a sudden expense in the budget if the old bike needs to be replaced.

Fortunately, there are many opportunities for you who do not know how to fund your purchase. Although it is the traditional way to borrow money in the bank, there are often better chances of getting a loan online – especially when the purpose is a new bike.


Compare loans and providers online

bicycle loan

First and foremost, it is an opportunity to seek money for your new bike at online loan providers. You can often find a good loan offer that suits your particular needs. In fact, many of the companies online have become really affordable on the interest rate. It is far from as expensive as before.

Whether you find an expensive or inexpensive loan for a new bike online is very much about where you apply. So get yourself an insight into the possibilities first.
You can do this through our website, where you can easily compare companies and their loan conditions.

Here you can quickly get started with your applications, because you can never know who is the cheapest – or who approves your application. As you can read on most websites, it is about getting more offers.

It is 100% non-committal and gives you a good starting point as a customer.

When comparing the various offers, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the APR percentage. All costs are included here, both interest, foundation fees and everything else. In this way, you can easily keep track of which loan is the cheapest.

Many Danes unfortunately look at the interest rate as they do not know better and this can lead to wrong conclusions when choosing the cheapest solution.


Some bicycle dealers offer financing

Some bicycle dealers offer financing

If an online loan is not for you, or you cannot find where the interest rate is low enough, it is also an opportunity to get your bike financed by the dealer. Not all dealers offer it, so it is a good idea to investigate who does.

Funding means that you do not actually pay for the bike upfront, but then pay regular installments in X number of months. One can also say that the dealer buys the bike for you, where you then gradually pay the money back.

There is also interest on this type of financing, so it is still a good idea to investigate where it is cheapest. A few places it is possible to get your bike financed without interest, so you only pay for the bike and nothing else.

Examine all the options thoroughly before you decide on a solution.