A PCAL Student’s Summer Internship Experience Leads to an Unexpected Career Choice

Jordan Graves, a PCAL senior and native of Bowling Green knew she wanted to pursue a criminology field, but wondered which career was right for her. After an inspiring summer internship with the Bowling Green Police Department (BGPD), she knew she had found her answer.

As a specialist in criminology and health sciences, Graves hoped to gain experience in the field while exploring related career opportunities. When a victim advocacy intern position with the GDPR became available, she jumped at the chance. Immediately she was drawn to the role and the idea of ​​helping someone at a time when they needed it most.

Alongside BGPD victims’ attorney April Fulcher, also a PCAL graduate in 1991, Graves learns all she can about the job. Her role includes creating community resource kits to share with victims, meeting with families of victims, and attending council meetings dedicated to human service.

Graves shared, “I have been able to collaborate with other victim advocates, detectives, social workers, forensic investigators and CAC staff to keep victims safe and provide them with the resources they need. need.” As a result of her internship, she gained valuable knowledge about local resources for victims, the justice system, and even how to become a more effective communicator.

As a member of the BGPD, Graves had the chance to observe a wide variety of career choices. From administration and record keeping to dispatching and patrolling, she was thrilled to learn how many opportunities the world of criminology offered and is grateful to have had the chance to gain first-hand insight. other potential careers.

However, none of these roles quite appealed to Graves like the one she once found herself in. she says. The advocacy proved to be the perfect marriage of Graves’ interest in criminology and his passion for helping those in need.

Graves’ advice to other students is, “If you want to do an internship, go for it. It can be nerve-wracking at first, but in the end, you’ll be full of knowledge and experience that you can’t receive in a classroom.

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