Airports packed with vacationing travelers as families reunite for Christmas

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Families and friends have been a year long apart.

“I was very grateful to be able to travel this year. Last year was pretty tough, ”said traveler Mckenzie Parks.

“With everything that happened over the last year, we were trying to make sure we stayed safe,” said fellow traveler Alexander Gomez.

Blue Grass Airport was once again filled with busy vacationers.

“I took all possible precautions. I keep wearing my mask, I use hand sanitizer, I’m honest if I’m not feeling well. So I didn’t have any concerns, ”Parks said.

Parks returns to Florida after spending the holidays with her boyfriend’s family in Harrodsburg.

“My boyfriend’s sister was her son’s first Christmas. So seeing that and opening presents on Christmas, from Santa Claus, was really fun, ”Parks said.

From Harrodsburg to Berea.

“I’m going home to Phoenix,” Gomez said.

Gomez hadn’t seen his family for a year.

“It’s like, oh I can finally see them again. I saw new habits like oh okay that’s what we’re doing now. “

New holiday traditions may be another side effect of the pandemic.

“But honestly, it was just a big relief to be able to see them.”

Relief visible on faces throughout the airport, happy reunion smiles and even tearful goodbyes.

After a long year of separation, loved ones were finally home for Christmas.

Travelers we spoke to today say they took precautions, like getting vaccinated and doing rapid tests, before seeing family.

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