Bowling Green Boys and Girls Club expands with the upcoming new school year

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — Some changes are coming to the Bowling Green Boys and Girls Club this school year.

“Obviously in a clubhouse you have a limited amount of space, so you’re going to have a capacity number,” said Bowling Green Boys and Girls Club CEO Liz Bernard Clark. “Getting out of the clubhouse and having these partnerships in our schools gives us access to meet kids where they are and gives them the opportunity to have this program where they otherwise might not.

The program? The club’s CareerLaunch program, a project to help club members aged 13-18 join the workforce.

“It helps kids really engage with their interests, discover what their talents and strengths are,” Bernard said. “Then take those items and put them into career groups, then figure out how to get them to that ultimate career.”

Thanks to a grant from United Way of Southern Kentucky, the club will be able to hire a full-time coordinator for the program.

“This person is the liaison for everything CareerLaunch. So they are the link between the club and the partner school, they build the relationships and recruit the students. Then they also facilitate the CareerLaunch program.

Along with the new rental, the club will also add a new offsite location at Lost River Cave Elementary.

“We opened a location on the school site at the end of last school year at Jennings Creek Elementary, it was a huge success,” said Bernard. “We add a second. So in less than a year, over time, we will have gone from a physical clubhouse to three locations.

Bernard says that although the changes are new, it will always be the same environment.

“I compare it a bit to Chick-fil-A. If you go to Chick Fil A here in Bowling Green, when you’re on vacation, and you go to Chick Fil A in another state, it’ll be the same experience.

Above all, Bernard wants parents to know that when they entrust the club to their children, they entrust their family to them.

“We want to make sure these kids feel like the clubhouse is their safe place. Once this is established, we know the fun, learning and engagement is going to happen. So when parents drop off their kids here, it’s like leaving them with a trusted family member.

You will find more information about the Bowling Green Boys and Girls Club and their programs. on line.

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