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In April, people across the country celebrated Second Chance Month, an initiative dedicated to breaking down barriers to post-incarceration reintegration and compassion for those returning to our communities.

April may be over, but in a state like Kentucky we should be working every day to support our neighbors and ensure that all Kentuckians have a bright future. Fortunately, there are ways in which businesses and other organizations can get involved to help drive this important work.

Currently, Kentucky has some of the worst incarceration statistics in the country, including the 7th highest incarceration rate and 3rd highest for parental incarceration. An important step in addressing the harms of incarceration – which are particularly acute given that many people who end up in incarceration were deprived of their financial rights or had other issues such as mental health issues prior to their arrival – is to provide return support to those who leave.

When people return to their communities after release from prison and prison, it is essential that they receive the support they need to get back on their feet. For people leaving prison, access to employment is a crucial step for the success of their return. Needs such as housing, health insurance, mental health services, and drug addiction treatment if needed are also essential. Otherwise, these people will be among the more than a third of Kentuckians who will reoffend (return to incarceration within 24 months of their release).

Through the work of advocates raising awareness of the importance and benefits of providing support to those formerly incarcerated, employers in various sectors have become more open to hiring the second chance. However, it remains a challenge for these people to find a job; it is estimated that 60 to 75% of former incarcerates have difficulty finding stable employment within one year of release.

There are opportunities and initiatives available for employers who wish to engage in second chance hiring. In 2020, the Kentucky Chamber Foundation launched the Kentucky Return Campaign to help Kentuckians struggling with substance use disorders, help businesses develop supportive work environments, and engage Kentuckians interested in smart criminal justice reforms.

This campaign has seen nearly 13,000 second chance jobs for those with a legal background, as Kentucky employers engage this untapped talent pool. You can find more information about this campaign on Fair Chance Employment – Kentucky Comeback.

In addition to the initiatives of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the work of other Second Chance Employers, employers in Kentucky have the opportunity to apply to the Federal Bond Program (FBP). Established in 1966 by the US Department of Labor, the PBF provides loyalty bonds to protect employers. These bonds are available at the Kentucky Career Center at no cost to Kentucky employers or job seekers. The bond covers the first six months of employment and has no deductible, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for participating companies. Employers can also extend coverage for an additional 6 months at no cost. In the past 55 years, less than 1% of bonds have been deposited. This is because a good job is one of the main factors in reducing recidivism. PBF gives companies who are considering fair employment peace of mind and thus improves life.

With employers looking for a quality workforce and many Kentuckians looking for a new life, there’s no better time for employers to expand their fair hires. . If you want to know more about the FBP visit

Additionally, if you would like to apply for a Kentucky bond, please email Treat every month and every day as an opportunity to give a second chance.

Beth Davission is the Kentucky Chamber’s Vice President of Workforce Development.

Amanda Hall is a political strategist for the Kentucky ACLU.

Carmen Mitchell is a policy analyst at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy.

Julie Warren is Director of State Initiatives for Right on Crime.

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State lawmakers introduce bills to make Kentucky more LGBTQ + friendly Tue, 01 Jun 2021 21:42:17 +0000

LOUISVILLE, KY (WOWK) – Kentucky lawmakers are introducing bills designed to make the state more welcoming to residents of the LGBTQ community.

State Representative Lisa Willner of Louisville highlighted the legislation at a press conference at the First Unitarian Church in Louisville.

According to Willner, State Representative Kim Banta, a Republican from Fort Mitchell, is the main co-sponsor of two bills, a statewide fairness bill and one banning conversion “therapy” for Kentuckians under the age of 18.

Willner says the third bill would require public schools to provide age-appropriate, medically accurate and LGBTQ + inclusive health education to their students.

“I really enjoyed working with Representative Banta as we and so many others work to end discriminatory practices based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and to stop the so-called ‘therapy’ of conversion for minors. It means so much that bipartisan support for this work has grown in recent years, ”said Representative Willner. “Let’s make 2022 the year these bills become law.”

“Representative Willner and I share the belief that it is so important for all Kentuckians to have the full opportunity to be who they are and not be discriminated against because of it,” said Banta. “I pledge to do all I can to get these bills passed. Our friends and loved ones shouldn’t have to wait another year for these legal and health protections to be in place.

Representative Patti Minter is also reintroducing her bill that would ban discrimination in public employment, housing and housing based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The bill would add to Kentucky‘s existing civil rights law, which already prohibits discrimination based on race and gender.

Currently, 21 towns in Kentucky have adopted fairness ordinances, which enact the same anti-discrimination protections at the local level.

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Kentucky Bourbon Trail Prepares For Summer | New Tue, 01 Jun 2021 05:11:45 +0000

Restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic will end on June 11 and travel resumes.

And the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is celebrating its 22nd anniversary with a new passport and field guide for all 18 distilleries on the trail as well as 19 on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour.

“Visits have started to increase from March and we are getting busier and busier as COVID restrictions are lifted and the weather improves,” Nicole Ebelhar, head of the experience of people living there, said last week. visitors to Owensboro’s Green River Distilling Co.. “We look forward to opening at full capacity on June 11.”

Green River Distilling is the western anchor point on the trail.

The new KDA guide and passport contains 150 pages of attraction information, including maps and suggested routes, cocktail recipes, treats, tasting notes, and data on participating distilleries on the trail and its companion, Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour.

Green River Distilling has a timeless old-fashioned recipe in the guide.

A press release says, “And here’s the best part: Passport stamps now unlock access to special collector’s bottles and private barrel selections, bar memorabilia, tastings and other unique rewards in. the 18 participating Kentucky Bourbon Trail distilleries. ”

Eric Gregory, President of KDA, said: “We are really thrilled with all of the rewards that now come with your Passport stamp. Visitors are clamoring for distinct bottles and exclusive souvenirs that they can only get in Kentucky. We listened and our distilleries worked hard to uplift their Kentucky Bourbon trip.

Adam Johnson, Senior Trail Director, said passport owners will be able to register their field guide online to receive the latest news and events at their favorite distilleries.

The guide has information on things like whether the distillery has an on-site restaurant or cocktails available, accepts reservations online, produces other spirits besides bourbon and other things.

The new Passport and Field Guide is available at participating distilleries for $ 5.99.

The proceeds from the sale go to KDA’s corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives.

The passport and field guide also includes the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour, which KDA established in 2012 as the only tourist attraction in the country to feature the state’s boutique distilleries.

People who already have passports from the beginning of this year have until December 31 to use them.

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Two Memorial Day Stories: Balancing Honor and Celebration – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky Mon, 31 May 2021 18:19:36 +0000

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-05-31 14:08:47 – The Kentuckies, who gave their lives to protect our country’s freedom, were mourned Monday at the National Guard Center Boon monument. They fought in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany during the war and made the ultimate sacrifice for their own country. Lynn Roman’s son, Staff Sgt. Darin Potter is on behalf of the monument. He worked in Iraq. “His troops were transported to Iraq and they were tasked with setting up prisons. “The Kentucky Guardsmen were killed in action for the first time since Vietnam and returned to the memorial service each year,” the Romans said. Remember, ”the Romans said, but sometimes it seems to be forgotten. It has about 1.3 million active personnel, or less than 0.005% of the U.S. population, according to military data. The gulf between those who serve the army, those who know who serve the army and those who do not is only widening. “Family”, said the Romans, but it seems they are two different birthdays. How do you change what you see? Governor Andy Bescher has an idea: “I am not in military service, but I lost a friend in the war and the 9/11 attacks. September 11 was an attack on the tower. He is dead. If you feel and think about what these military and female families are feeling, we can respect them in our daily lives, ”said Bescher. Call for Freedom Restrictions-COVID Relaxation. But Governor Bescher says what’s important to understand is the ultimate price paid for true freedom. Remember why we are celebrating this day. For barbecues and ceremonies. Remember all the victims and spend the day in the backyard with peace of mind. Whatever you do today. With them today so that everyone else can enjoy this freedom. No one is with me, ”he said. Webster County Private Army Winstell Hearell died aged 19 when struck by a working train.

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Kentucky Hires Skyy Clark Lockdown on Official Visit – Louisville / Jefferson County, Kentucky Mon, 31 May 2021 00:39:06 +0000

5 stars 2022 Kentucky Commit Sky clark Locked down his official visit.

He announced on Twitter on Monday that the Wildcats’ only verbal engagement in the 2022 class would be an official visit to the UK from June 11-13. The NCAA recruiting dead period, which lasted for over a year, finally ended on June 1.

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Kentucky’s only entry in the 2022 category, Clark is ranked 10th overall according to the 247Sports Composite industry average. He announced in early April that he would remain a member of the 2022 class instead of reclassifying in 2021 and joining the team this summer.

Clark, a Californian-born Christian who attended Brentwood Academy and Endsworth in Nashville, announced earlier this month that he would be moving to Florida’s training center, Montverde Academy, which won the US Championship. last season.

Clark signed up for Kentucky last October and picked the Wildcats over North Carolina, UCLA and Memphis. He devoted himself to the Wildcats even after the senior recruiter left. Joel justus In Arizona.

As a junior last season, Clark set an academic record for Endsworth’s singles match with 51 points in the season opener. He and his brother ZZ left the high school season at the end of January due to a COVID-19 pandemic. Did.

Clark wowed 247Sports national recruiting analyst Travis Bramham with his Mokan Elite game at the KC Classic in Kansas City last weekend.

“It was my first time watching Sky Clark at 247Sports since the start of the pandemic, but he wasn’t disappointed. Kentucky’s five-star effort was exceptional as a playmaker and host throughout the weekend. But it gave me an awesome scoring moment, “to remind him he’s got more than a bucket,” Branham wrote.

“Clark has a long standing reputation as a creative, skilled and artisan bucket bucket, but he also possesses extraordinary passing ability, vision and feel. Note and be creative in painting. Coupled with Clark’s abilities, he becomes a dynamic playmaker. He is a facilitator who attracts the attention of the defense and creates opportunities for his teammates. “

The 6-foot, 3,200-pound Clark has the same physique and attacking style as the former British Guard. Isaia brisco However, use a more consistent bounding jumper.

247 Sports screening report:: The best build for combo guards. A powerful athlete with the strength to play in traffic. Very soft shot. A legitimate 3-level goalscorer with a wide range. Creative scorer Dribble-off. Passing and finishing work well with both hands. It is tied to the score, but you can watch the court and pass a timely pass. The ball handler is good, but you can afford to tighten the grip. Powerful defenders and rebounders. He is also a versatile and opportunistic defender. – Jerry Meyer

Kentucky Hires Skyy Clark Lockdown on Official Visit Source link Kentucky Hires Skyy Clark Lockdown on Official Visit

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Kentucky Department of Education Launches Summer Learning Initiative to Promote Literacy and Math Sun, 30 May 2021 05:00:00 +0000

The Kentucky Department of Education has launched its Summer Boost: Reading and Mathematics program, as well as a series of Summer Support Web Pages, in partnership with the Children’s Reading Foundation, Scholastic and the Summer Food Service Program.

The Kentucky Department of Education has launched its Summer Boost: Reading and Mathematics program, as well as a series of Summer Support web pages. (Photo by Amy Wallot)

The Summer Support webpages offer literacy and math information and resources to encourage students and families to make learning a part of daily summer routines in communities across Kentucky. The web pages will also feature a virtual read-aloud series that will allow children to listen to stories read by guests.

Summer foodservice programs participating in the Summer Boost: Reading and Mathematics program will promote family engagement in reading and math by providing free books and fun items – like bracelets, bookmarks and magnets – to motivate and remind families to read 20 minutes every day. They will also direct families to a collection of online math games suitable for different ages.

“With the kind of year we have just had, it is vitally important to keep our children involved in improving their reading and math skills over the summer,” said the commissioner to education Jason E. Glass. “We hope our families will take advantage of this great opportunity that allows children to continue learning in a fun way.”

This article originally appeared at Kentucky teacher, a publication of the Kentucky Department of Education.

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Kentucky Voter Registration “Starts to Bounce” | New Sat, 29 May 2021 15:00:00 +0000

After several consecutive months of removing more voters from the voters list, Kentucky recorded a net gain of 82 voters in April. While 5,009 new registrations were registered, 4,927 registrations were canceled. 3,396 of them were deceased voters, 1,076 voters who voluntarily opted out and 455 were convicted of felony.

“I’m glad voter registration is starting to rebound,” Adams said. “This increase in voter interest follows our successful efforts to increase public confidence in our electoral system.”

Registered Democrats make up 46 percent of the electorate with 1,653,756 registered voters, although the margin over Republicans continues to narrow. Democratic registration has fallen by 1,707 since March 31, a drop of 0.10%. Republican registered voters total 1,574,268, or 44% of voters. Republicans saw an increase of 1,055 registered voters, an increase of 0.07% from March 31.

In addition, nine percent of voters, 332,236, are listed under other affiliations, which have seen an increase of 734 registered since March 31, an increase of 0.22 percent.

Full registration statistics are available on the State Board of Elections website.

Kentucky does not have a primary or general election in 2021. There will be a full ballot in 2022, including a race for the United States Senate, the six seats in Congress, the 100 seats in the House of States and half of the State Senate.

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University of Kentucky Campus Workers Earn $ 15 Minimum Wage in $ 7.25 State Fri, 28 May 2021 19:41:28 +0000


Billionaire George Soros chooses these 3 “Strong Buy” actions

Some investors achieve legendary status, far surpassing their peers through a combination of luck and success. No one is perhaps more representative of it than George Soros, the Holocaust survivor who after the war earned a doctorate from the London School of Economics and went into banking to make his mark. He was very successful. The hedge fund he founded, Soros Fund Management, achieved an average annualized return of 33% from 1970 to 2020, making it the most successful hedge fund in history. Soros’ greatest success came on September 16, 1992, when he “broke the Bank of England”. He had taken a short position on the pound sterling, which rose to $ 10 billion, and when the pound fell in response to the policy shift, he personally gained $ 1 billion in a single day. Soros hasn’t always been right in his financial appeals, but he’s more often right than wrong. He is also known for his good words when it comes to trading. “It’s not whether you’re right or wrong,” Soros said, “but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.” With this in mind, we decided to take inspiration from the recent activity of Soros Fund Management. By managing three stocks that the fund picked up in the first quarter through the TipRanks database, we found that the analyst community was on board as well, as each carries a “Strong Buy” consensus rating. Farfetch, Ltd. (FTCH) We will start with an online retail inventory, Farfetch, a company specializing in the sale of luxury products and brands. Farfetch is a truly international company, founded in Portugal, headquartered in London with offices in New York and Los Angeles, Tokyo and Shanghai, and Brazil. Like many tech-focused companies, Farfetch operated at a loss – but in the first quarter of this year the company made a sharp turnaround in profitability. The 1Q21 earnings report showed an after-tax profit of $ 516.7 million, compared to a quarterly loss of $ 79.2 million a year ago. The company disclosed that this gross profit included a one-time non-cash benefit of $ 660 million “arising from the lower impact of the share price on items held at fair value and revaluations.” Total operating revenue was reported at $ 485 million, up 46% year-over-year, and above the $ 457 million expected by analysts. A key metric, the gross merchandise value of orders processed on the company’s platform, increased 49% year-over-year to $ 915.6 million. Farfetch’s success is built on a strong user base. The company has more than 3 million active customers and operates in 190 countries. The platform’s vendors have made available more than 1,300 luxury brands. Even after a decline in the stock’s value in the first half of 2021, the stock has still risen 234% in the past 12 months. Among the FTCH fans is Soros. In his most recent disclosure, Soros revealed that his fund had purchased 125,000 shares of FTCH, a stake now valued at more than $ 5.5 million. As for the analyst community, Credit Suisse 5-star analyst Stephen Ju credits FTCH with an outperformance (i.e. a buy) with a price target of $ 78. Investors are expected to pocket a gain of around 88% if the analyst’s thesis comes to fruition. (To view Ju’s track record, click here) “We have a positive opinion on the Company’s continued Adjusted EBITDA forecast as Farfetch will reinvest the highest revenue contributions into customer acquisition – supporting long-term adoption rates. We are modeling ~ 700,000 new customers for 2021, ~ 600,000 for 2022 and from 2023 our expectations are also unchanged at ~ 1.2 million to 1.5 million, ”Ju said. The analyst summed up: “Our investment thesis points remain: 1) the large addressable $ 300 billion market remains fragmented and underpenetrated, 2) relative protection against competition from larger cap online competitors. , 3) exposure to the growing adoption of luxury goods in the APAC region as well as emerging markets. ”Most analysts support Ju’s confident view of the online fashion company, as TipRanks analyzes present FTCH as a strong buy. Based on 8 analysts polled in the past 3 months, 6 attribute the stock to a buy, while 2 attribute it to a wait. The 12-month average price target is 60. $ 63, which is an increase of around 37% from current levels. (See FTCH market analysis on TipRanks) Coursera (COUR) The next stock we are looking at, Coursera, is a MOOC company – a provider very open online course. C he niche is leveraging the size and reach of the Internet to make a wide range of high-level university courses available to the general public. Coursera is a leader in the field and, since its inception in 2012, it has made available over 4,000 courses from over 200 universities, in over 30 study programs, and at a lower cost than coursework. in person. Through Coursera, students can take courses at top schools such as Imperial College London, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins. The company boasts that over 77 million students have used its services. Although the company is 9 years old, it is new to public procurement; Coursera held its IPO at the end of March this year. It made 15.73 million shares available on the NYSE, at an opening price of $ 33. It was the high end of the original price range, which was set between $ 30 and $ 33. Overall, the IPO raised $ 519 million, before expenses. In early May, Coursera published its first quarterly report since its IPO. The report showed total revenue of $ 88.4 million, a 64% year-over-year gain. The company’s gross profit, at $ 49.5 million, was up 71% from the quarter last year. George Soros saw an opportunity in this IPO, and his fund picked up 105,000 shares of the company. This new position is valued at ~ $ 4 million at the current share price. Among the bulls is 5-star analyst Ryan MacDonald, of Needham, who presents a clear and bullish case for Coursera shares. “Given the growing role of automation, the widening of the skills gap and the shift to e-learning, we believe that Coursera’s comprehensive platform will help it gain shares in a large TAM that we estimate between $ 47 billion and $ 50.6 billion. As the COVID-focused tailwind for the growth of enrolled learners in FY20 creates a difficult comparison for the consumer segment in FY21, we believe that Coursera’s effective GTM move and the passage higher value corporate and degree offerings can generate 25% + sustainable growth and gross margin expansion, ”MacDonald noted. To that end, MacDonald gives COUR a buy rating and his price target of $ 56 indicates confidence in a 47% hike over the next 12 months. (To view MacDonald’s track record, click here) During its short time on the stock market, COUR garnered 14 analyst reviews, with a split of 12 buys into 2 holds to support the Strong Buy consensus rating. The shares are trading at $ 38 and their average price target of $ 54.67 implies a one-year rise of 44%. (See COURT Stock Analysis on TipRanks) Sotera Health (SHC) Last on our list of new positions from George Soros is Sotera Health, a holding company whose subsidiaries offer a range of consulting, laboratory testing and sterilization services in the health sector. Sotera’s activities serve more than 5,800 healthcare customers in more than 50 countries. The company has 13 laboratories capable of performing more than 800 tests and 50 sterilization facilities. Sotera’s customer base includes 75 of the top 100 medical device manufacturers and 8 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. SHC’s shares went public on November 24 last year, in an IPO that sold 53.6 million shares and raised $ 1.2 billion. The capital raised was used to repay the existing debt. The company has worked diligently to reduce debt levels and, in the 1Q21 report, said it has total debt of $ 1.87 billion and free cash flow of $ 108 million. First quarter net sales were $ 212 million, up 13% from the previous year. Net income showed a strong gain, going from a loss of 1 cent per share a year ago to earnings per share of 4 cents. In the first quarter, Soros took a new position in Sotera, buying 179,274 shares of the title. At the current share price, this stake is worth over $ 4.3 million. Tycho Peterson, 5-star analyst at JPMorgan, likes SHC and rates the stock overweight (i.e. buy). Its price target of $ 35 suggests a 45% rise from current trading levels. (To see Peterson’s track record, click here) Supporting his position, Peterson writes: “First quarter results have been generally strong, and while the outlook remains unchanged, it should provide an upward path for the 2021 balance. , as we continue to be fans of the company’s diverse operating platform, rigorous multi-year contracts, effective pricing strategy and strong regulatory oversight, while supporting its broad competitive divide, with FCF to support the deleveraging… ”Overall, The Street is unanimous in its outlook on Sotera shares; the stock recently received 8 positive reviews supporting its Strong Buy analyst consensus rating. The shares are trading at $ 24.06 and their average price target of $ 31.75 implies a year-over-year rise of ~ 32%. (See SHC Stock Analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for stocks traded at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all the information about TipRanks stocks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

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Kentucky community mourns as crash leaves teenager dead, another hospitalized Fri, 28 May 2021 10:30:30 +0000

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – A Kentucky community mourns the loss of one teenager and hopes for the recovery of another.

On Thursday, May 20, Dalton Hunter, 18, was killed when the car he was in, a 2004 Nissan Maxima, crossed the center line and hit a semi-trailer head-on. The Nissan was driven by an 18 year old Natasha Miracle.

Hunter and Miracle were both Bell County High School seniors.

Miracle is a soccer player. She was No.3 on the Bell County High School Girls’ Soccer Team. Just hours before the accident, she had signed on to play this fall at Union College in Barbourville, Ky.

“Natasha is one of the cutest, sweetest young women you’ve ever met,” her high school coach Brett Thompson said. “That’s until you put her on a soccer field.”

Thompson went on to say that she always played so confidently and was a great captain and role model for other players.

Her father, Gillis Miracle, said his daughter was energetic and full of life.

“She’s got a lot going for her, she’s got a lot going for her and she’s going to be fine, I know that,” Miracle said. “As a father, I am very proud.”

The family tell us that Miracle has several broken bones, severe bruises, and has not yet woken up.

She reportedly underwent successful surgery on Thursday and doctors are hopeful.

We have contacted Hunter’s family, have yet to receive a response.

Kentucky State Police are still investigating the crash. No charges have been filed yet.

This is a developing story. We will continue to update it as we learn more.

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Skyy Clark says he’s ‘locked up’ with Kentucky basketball Thu, 27 May 2021 10:00:00 +0000

When former assistant coach Joel Justus left the Kentucky Wildcats program to take a job at Arizona State, many people wondered what that would mean for one of Kentucky’s top rookies.

Skyy clark is currently ranked No. 10 overall in the 2022 class and Justus was the primary recruiter and first point of contact between the family and Kentucky.

Since then, Calipari has added Illinois assistants Chin Coleman and Orlando Antigua to their staff as they look to bounce back from a tough 2019-20 season.

In an interview with Ben Roberts from Chief HeraldSkyy’s father Kenny Clark said they were shocked when Justus left, but his son was “locked up” with Kentucky.

“We love these guys,” Kenny Clark said. “They only showed us love. It just makes you feel good. These guys definitely make her feel like a priority. Even though they’re new – and we’ve established a relationship with Coach Justus – we’re locked in with the University of Kentucky. It doesn’t change.

Skyy himself also took to Twitter to reiterate that he is 100% committed to Kentucky.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Clark had scheduled a visit to Lexington from June 11 to 13.e. The Clark family visited Kentucky in early 2020 just before COVID-19 closed its college recruiting trips.

Since that visit, the Kentucky staff has undergone a complete overhaul and next month’s visit will be the first time they meet in person and the first time the two sides have met since February 2020.

“It will be nice to look people in the face and shake their hands,” said Kenny Clark. “We just want to continue to develop our relationship with Coach Coleman, Coach O, Coach Lucas – all of those guys – so we can get started. It’s gonna be amazing. I know my son is excited. Ultimately, it’s all about him and how he feels. And I know he can’t wait to meet everyone.

You can see what Kenny Clark had to say and how his son is preparing for his college career in Lexington. here.

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