Community members mobilize for peace in Palestine

Lexington, Ky. (WTVQ) – Currently in Palestine, two religious groups are at odds overseas.

As the fighting continues, members of the Jewish and Palestinian community work together to keep the peace in Lexington.

Jenna Shalash is a born and raised Kentuckian whose family is originally from Palestine.

Growing up, she said she was no stranger to discrimination.

“I experienced it here. In high school I was called a terrorist, I had crumbs of paper written with the word bomb on me. And that makes me say that I am a proud American very difficult to say, ”explains Shalash.

Over the past year, the people of Lexington have become involved when racial groups have been targeted across the country.

However, Shalash says this particular situation in the Middle East is different.

“With George Floyd and Black Lives Matter and the coronavirus, we are experiencing it in our backyard. With the war going on with Israel and Palestine, not everyone is informed about it, ”Shalash explains.

That’s where advocates like her and Hannah Isa come in.

The girls and other members of the community have recently organized demonstrations and rallies, raising awareness on a subject that may seem tender to some.

“People think because there is so much tension around a situation that they can’t speak out and I felt the same, then I realized it was important,” says Isa.

According to community members, they are not alone in fighting discrimination in Lexington.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter of Temple Adath Israel says it is imperative that the two groups work together.

“And that we unite as Jews and Palestinians as people with families in the region to exert positive pressure and encourage leaders on all sides of this conflict to return to the work of accumulating pain of the process. by the piece, ”says Rabbi Wirtschafter.

This Saturday, a demonstration and rally called “Everything for Palestine” will begin at Courthouse Plaza at 6 pm.

Shalash says she encourages everyone present to bring posters, friends and most importantly your voice so that innocent lives abroad can make theirs heard.

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