Council Candidates Raise $ 93,000 for Campaigns

Six candidates vying for a spot on the Springfield school board raised a total of $ 93,475 for their campaigns, according to reports filed before Monday’s deadline.

Reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission show that $ 60,216 of the amount – or 62% – was raised in the past month.

An overview of the total amount declared, to date, by candidate:

  • $ 24,504 – Maryam Mohammadkhani, retired physician
  • $ 20,075 – Scott Crise, engineer and project manager
  • $ 19,656 – Danielle Kincaid, lawyer
  • $ 14,010 – Kelly Byrne, a real estate developer
  • $ 11,781 – Daniel Ogunyemi, college administrator
  • $ 3,449 – Brandi VanAntwerp, Grants Administrator
  • $ 0 – Jill Patterson, lawyer

Patterson, the sole ballot holder, said she was running on her record. Citing the pandemic, she has not formed a campaign committee to raise funds.

After:Take a closer look at the campaign reports of candidates for the SPS board at the end of February

On April 6, voters in Springfield will elect three people for a three-year term. With all positions open, the three candidates with the most votes will be sworn in at the board meeting on April 13.

There were only a handful of political action committee, or PAC, donations related mostly to approvals.

Here’s a look at the people who support each campaign. For simplicity, News-Leader only uses dollars, not cents, to report donations and fundraising, and amounts are not rounded.

Only donations of $ 100 or more are listed by name.

Maryam mohammadkhani

A retired doctor, Mohammadkhani raised $ 7,549 at the end of February, including loans and donations for his own campaign. In the past month, she raised $ 10,819 and lent her campaign an additional $ 6,000.

She relied more on her own funds than on the other candidates. His biggest gifts include:

  • $ 2,500 – Alison Bauer, housewife
  • $ 1,500 – Jeffrey Bauer, lawyer; and Travis Hiles, physician
  • $ 1,000 – Craig Naugle, physician; and the Missouri NEA PAC
  • $ 500 – Steve Boswell, auto repair; Joshua Haynes, Healthy Blue Inc .; and Todd Wilson, gas stations
  • $ 150 – Dee Wampler, lawyer
  • $ 104 – Amy Boyd, a voter

Scott Crisis

Crisis, director of technical services at Associated Electric Cooperative, raised $ 4,900 at the end of February.

He raised most of his funds over the past month from the business community. He also made a large donation for his own campaign.

  • $ 4,500 – Scott Crisis
  • $ 1,000 – Springfield NEA; Nancy White, independent
  • $ 500 – Joseph Turner, president of the bank; Jeff Hutchens, industry; Mark Nelson, vice-president; Dennis Dressler, lawyer; Gordon Kinne, owner of Med-Pay; Joseph Lipari, Lockton; Commerce Bancshares, Inc. PAC;
  • $ 300 – Greg Pearman, lawyer
  • $ 250 – Kyle Taylor, self-employed; Nicholas Sanders, New Horizons; Julie Brown, lawyer; Melinda Hammerschmidt, teacher; Randell Wallace, lawyer; Bryan Magers, developer;
  • $ 200 – James Young, truck equipment; Julie Blackmon, photographer; Bill Kirkman, retired; James Hallam, Merrill Lynch;
  • $ 100 – Randy Bachus, director; Bill Squires, vice-president; Hal Higdon, University Chancellor; Doug Bearisto, Director; Jim Hutcheson, real estate; Jan Fisk, owner; Morey Mechlin, retired; Ron Ollis, retired; Steve Jackson, mortgage; Brad Holt, owner; Jeff Eiserman, risk advisor; John Gentry, Positronic; Marcia Johnson, retired; James Anderson, retired; Ken McClure, Mayor; Kevin Ausburn, President; Sally Hargis, vice-president; Brent Baldwin, vice president of the bank; Mary Fry, retiree; Camille Sistrunk, retired; Mark McNay, containers; Joe Bohrer, lawyer; Liz Godwin, retired; Clif Smart, college president

Danielle Kincaid

A lawyer, Kincaid raised the highest amount in late February with $ 11,500 and added over $ 8,000 to that total with strong support from business leaders and the City of Springfield, especially lawyers. Its supporters include:

  • $ 2,500 – Andrea Crawford, real estate
  • $ 1,000 – Missouri NEA PAC
  • $ 700 – The Elder Law Group
  • $ 519 – Erica Mynarich, lawyer; Bryan Arnold, economist;
  • $ 259 – Britton Jobe, lawyer; Scott Pierson, lawyer
  • $ 250 – Cameron Rose, communications; Mark McQueary, retired;
  • $ 104 – Stephen Gintz, CPA; Winter Kinne, vice-president; Jason Hogue, marketing; Logan Aguirre, editor; Richard Ollis, insurance; Matt Price, marketing;
  • $ 100 – Ann Furhman, retiree; Shannon Grisham, lawyer; John Pratt, lawyer

Kelly Byrne

Byrne, a real estate developer, raised just $ 1,960 at the end of February, but added more than $ 12,000 last month, including $ 2,500 in in-kind donations from Curtis Jared, president and CEO of the direction of Jared Management.

Byrne, who contributed to his own campaign, received a lot of support from bankers and real estate developers.

  • $ 2,500 – Todd Wilson, CEO of Rapid Roberts
  • $ 1,500 – Kelly Byrne
  • $ 1,000 – Sherry Byrne, retiree; Emma Rutherford, retired; Dianne Ely, retired;
  • $ 500 – Luke Fraser, vice president of the bank; Bill Reed, property; Alex Scott, CEO of Metro Shine Company;
  • $ 250 – Nick Burlison, vice president of the bank;
  • $ 200 – Chris Lawson, president of the bank; Adam O’Sullivan, vice president of the bank;

Daniel Ogunyemi

The Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Ozarks Technical Community College raised an initial amount of $ 5,320 at the end of February and the remainder over the past month.

Its supporters include:

  • $ 1,000 – Shelby Hahn, physician;
  • $ 800 – Algerian Hart, university administrator; Benjamin and Heather McBride, lawyer;
  • $ 500 – Charlie O’Reilly, auto parts;
  • $ 400 – Plumbers and Pipe Fitters, Local 178;
  • $ 300 – Jennifer McClure, room;
  • $ 200 – Kelly Wortham, consultant;

Brandi VanAntwerp

The administrator of the CoxHealth Foundation grant raised $ 2,026 at the end of February. Over the past four weeks, she has added to the total, mostly through small donations of $ 9 to $ 99.

She has received support from Janet Dankert of the Ozarks Community Partnership and Matthew Simpson, who is running for city council. He donated twice.

VanAntwerp used to raise funds, which requires a small fee and results in unusual donation amounts. In the past month, she has only received a few donations of $ 100 or more, including:

  • $ 200 – Cynthia Fulp, retiree;
  • $ 150 – Rick VanAntwerp, CoxHealth, who donates in kind
  • $ 100 – Lynn Wasson, retiree


A handful of Springfield groups endorse or recommend candidates for the school board race. The following was reported to the News-Leader:

  • Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce: Scott Crise, Danielle Kincaid, Jill Patterson
  • Springfield National Education Association: Scott Crise, Danielle Kincaid, Maryam Mohammadkhani
  • Springfield Missouri State Teachers Association: Kelly Byrne, Scott Crise, Danielle Kincaid
  • Teamsters Local 245: Danielle Kincaid, Daniel Ogunyemi, Brandi VanAntwerp

Claudette Riley is the News-Leader educational journalist. Email information to [email protected]

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