Custom Wheelchair Helps Disabled People in Kentucky Walk

LONDON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Kewpie, a 1.5-year-old opossum, has learned to walk again using a custom-made wheelchair.

Due to genetic defects, including scoliosis in his spine and having one back leg shorter than the other, getting around has never been easy for Kewpie.

It is for this reason that he cannot survive in the wild, which is why he has called the Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center in London his home since he was a baby.

The caretakers at the center always knew that his condition was likely to turn into more serious issues, and as he grew older, their worries came to fruition. Kewpie’s mobility kept getting worse until he could no longer bear any weight on his hind legs.

Rescue founder Tonya Poindexter knew that to get Kewpie moving again, he would need convenient transportation. She quickly contacted an organization called Walkin’ Pets for help.

New Hampshire-based Walkin’ Pets specializes in creating modes of transportation for pets with disabilities. The team there were happy to help and offered to donate their product for Kewpie.

After planning and building, Walkin’ Pets built a small, low-level cart, like all possums, customized to Kewpie dimensions. Now he is able to ride in style.

Kewpie’s first time in his wheelchair (Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center)

Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center staff said Kewpie is adjusting well to life on wheels.

“Kewpie is still learning how his new wheels work for him. He seems to understand that it’s easier than dragging himself on the ground, and he’s a ‘Mr. Independent’ so hold him and carry him It’s a bit fine for him, but he likes to go on his own adventures. He still has a lot to discover on his new mode of transport, but he already seems to have understood. He knows that he can get to places much faster and without as much effort,” said founder Tonya Poindexter.

Poindexter went on to say that Kewpie “has regained his dignity, he’s still learning, but he’s so happy!”

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