Donna’s Quarterly Maker’s Market Kicks Off Summer

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — Donna’s Summer Designer Market took place this afternoon.

“We try to have one about every three months where we invite about 10 to 13 local artists to come in and sell their work,” part owner Duncan McKenzie explained.

The market is a quarterly art exhibition the bar holds in hopes of doing something a little different for the town.

“We’re trying to push the boundaries and make it more appealing to people who are kind of like late 20s, early 30s, mid 30s,” McKenzie said, “You know, just something new.”

Artists contact Donna’s via social media, then wait to see if they’ve been invited to the show.

“I definitely begged Duncan first, over and over again, to let me out and test, that was December,” salesman Kiley Rone said, “I did that show pretty well and they pulled a little profit from me, so they invited me back after that.

Vendors were selling homemade goods to anyone who passed the bar.

“I sell digital artwork, show posters, that kind of stuff,” salesman JB Carter said, “It’s nice to come here and talk to familiar faces and new faces.”

Although Donna’s is a popular bar, the market is open to all ages.

“People come to things like this with cash in their pocket ready to buy presents,” Rone said, “It’s really nice to have the physical environment where people can go out and put the hand over what they want.”

The seller said it was as much about money as it was about community.

“Donna’s is great, you know, the camaraderie with her customers and the people who frequent the bar,” Carter said.

“I love all the other artists,” Rone said, “I’ve got a growing collection since the first time I did this at home, so it’s been really awesome.”

If you missed the market, no worries, Donna’s has lots of fun weekly events.

“Usually there are weekly events, either DJs or bands or other types of shows like weekend drag shows,” McKenzie said, “There’s always something coming up.”

Those seeking to contact Donna’s can do so via their instagram.

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