Dylan Dreyer shares a behind-the-scenes photo from the Kentucky Derby that moms can relate to: ‘Getting the job done’

Dylan Dreyer shows that it is rarely easy to go on a trip with a baby at home.

On Sunday, Dylan celebrated Mother’s Day with a behind-the-scenes photo of herself engaging in one of the less glamorous parts of breastfeeding motherhood: having to find a place to express your milk.

The TODAY meteorologist, who covered the Kentucky Derby, posted a picture of herself crouching in a toilet cubicle at Churchill Downs in her formal wear as she used a breast pump in private.

“I placed my bet on ‘Mama’s A Cow’ for the win,” she wrote in the caption. “Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who do it all day, every day. Sometimes I don’t know how we do it, but we do!”

Earlier today, the TODAY meteorologist posted a full photo of her stunning Derby ensemble. This year, she wore a stunning emerald green floral dress and matching feathered hat.

“This might be my favorite Derby dress and hat!!” she wrote in the caption on Instagram.

Dylan documented much of his Derby weekend on Instagram, first sharing a photo posing with NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico on Friday. In the photo, Dylan wore a long sleeve floral maxi dress with a perfect pink hat as two smiled at the camera.

“I always meet this guy @miketiriconbc in the coolest places!!” she captioned the post.

Shortly after, Dylan changed his outfit, fully embracing his “Pretty In Pink” moment alongside Zanna Roberts Rassi. In the photo, Dylan donned a pink lace midi dress with a matching hat with floral accents. Matching Rassi in a pink blazer and shorts with a floral headband.

“Trying to look cool next to @zannarassi as we talk fashion in Kentucky Oaks,” Dylan wrote in the caption.

Dylan’s husband, Brian Fichera, also shared a photo on Kentucky Oaks Instagram on Friday as he posed side-by-side with Dylan. His shirt and tie matched Dylan’s pastel pink ensemble perfectly.

Dylan also shared behind the scenes of how the couple’s trip to the Kentucky Derby was made possible with a little help from their family.

On Thursday, Dylan posted a photo of the multiple notes she left for her mother-in-law. Each included daily instructions and schedules on how to care for her three sons, Calvin, 5 Oliver, 2, and Rusty, 7 months, as well as the family dog, Bosco.

“I like to think I’m helpful when I leave pages of notes when I have to travel,” she wrote in the caption. “My mother-in-law must want to kill me…like it was her first rodeo. #kentuckyderbybound #typeAParent.”


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