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LEXINGTON – Sahvir Wheeler is confident he will be eligible to play for Kentucky next season.

A transfer from the University of Georgia, Wheeler is confident the Southeastern Conference will drop a rule that requires transfers from one league school to another to pass one year.

“I would not have made the choice if I had felt that I was going to have to take time off this year,” he said. “But, I think this rule will pass. Hopefully this will be the case. I’m pretty sure it will.

During his two seasons with the Bulldogs, Wheeler built a reputation as one of the SEC’s top playmakers. Wheeler isn’t afraid to pass up a shot and a flat to his teammates, but he’s also known to take over in the scoring department.

“I feel like I’m the fastest or one of the fastest coaches (John Calipari),” he said. “I’m probably up there with (De’Aaron) Fox. It’s quite ironic because Fox is from Houston, Texas. “

Because of his size, Wheeler compares himself to former Kentucky guard Tyler Ulis and is also not afraid to “keep the ball, be a defensive devastator and be disruptive to that end.”

“If I get that comparison, I think I’m doing some things well,” he says. “Obviously I have to keep improving to be up to it, but I’m super excited. He was a successful guardian in college. He’s done really well here at the University of Kentucky and I’m really cool with that. I’m also cool to be the next, the one and only Sahvir Wheeler too.

Wheeler also considers himself a student of the game and has studied former Kentucky players including Fox and Ulis.

“I feel like this league was designed for guards like me to play fast, to be up to speed, to be productive,” he said. “Many guards went through Kentucky, obviously, which were all of these things. So that’s why I guess I consider myself a bit of a Kentucky historian per se. I’m just super excited to be here. “

The latest Kentucky on the list is also not lacking in self-confidence and admitted “he wouldn’t be here” if he didn’t trust his own abilities.

“You have to have a little bit of self-confidence and know what you’re bringing to a team no matter who’s there,” Wheeler said. “But, Coach Cal was very direct and sincere from the start. For example, I knew he was recruiting another guard and I knew it would be a guard that we could complement each other. “

TyTy (Washington) is selfless. I am selfless. He can score. I can score. He can really film it. This is something that I am working on and I hope you can all say that about me at the end of the year.

Wheeler said the main reason he moved to Kentucky was the platform.

“The Kentucky platform, the scene that if you excel and compete at a high level and are productive, it puts you in a different atmosphere, a different environment than anywhere else,” says -he. “Plus, from a roster standpoint, I’ve never had to play snipers like Kentucky has this year on their roster, especially in college.

Entering his third season in the league, Wheeler considers himself a veteran.

“I know what to expect. I know the different styles of coaching and different coaching staffs and what they like. I know what it takes to win. Not only that, I’m all-conference, I I’m All-SEC here, so it’s a conference I’m very familiar with, comfortable with, and productive with. ”

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