Green Dot Program certifies eight organizations in the region as Green Dot Spots

The Lexington Department of Social Services Green Dot Program recognizes its first Green Dot Spots. Green Dot is a nationally recognized violence prevention strategy focused on preventing power-based personal violence – domestic and sexual violence, stalking, child abuse and elder abuse. Recognized businesses and organizations in the region are:

  • Saint-Raphael Episcopal Church
  • Lexington Church
  • Voices of Hope Recovery Center
  • Lexington Leadership Foundation
  • ITN Bluegrass
  • Rhema Word Foundation
  • WesBanco
  • Sisters Road to Freedom Ministries

“These green dots show the community that they are safe places where violence will not be tolerated and where individuals are doing their part to choose safety for someone who may be harmed by an intimate partner,” Dawn said. , program specialist. Runyon. “We are so grateful to the businesses and organizations that have joined us over the past year to show their commitment to helping make Lexington safer for everyone, but there is plenty of room and more is needed. .”

The Green Dot Spots received a supporting certificate, window decal and treats from Kroger.

Businesses and organizations can become a Green Dot Spot if 15% or more of their staff successfully completes Green Dot Lexington Bystander Intervention training. The training provides tools and resources to help individuals identify warning signs and abusive behavior; recognize obstacles that may prevent someone from intervening; and employing three non-confrontational strategies to help someone intervene safely to prevent an act of harm. Look for the “Green Dot Spot” window or door sticker at participating Lexington locations.

“We support the Green Dot program. This program has made our organization more confident when it comes to intervening in situations of domestic violence,” said Kivva Greenlee Williams, Director and Founder of the Rhema Word Foundation, a nonprofit organization that strives to restore the quality of life of victims of abuse.

Small businesses, places of worship and other social service agencies in Lexington are encouraged to be part of the solution to end power-based violence in our community by becoming a green dot. The free virtual training is a 2 hour interactive course. Open community trainings are held monthly and organizations can schedule a private training for their group of six or more. Training and resources are available in Spanish, French, Swahili and Nepali.

For more information about Lexington’s Green Dot program, visit

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