Gus Englehorn announces US tour dates in March

Fresh off a pair of wacky, offbeat singles (“The Gate” + “Tarantula”), now Montreal singer-songwriter and former professional snowboarder Gus Englehorn announces a new US tour starting in early March at the New Colossus Festival from New York and ending with a stop as an official artist at this year’s SXSW in Austin, TX.

The dates are in support of Englehorn’s upcoming sophomore album, Dungeon Master – arguably the cutest, heaviest, weirdest rock ‘n’ roll record you’ll hear this year. It will be released on April 29 via Secret City Records.

Englehorn also recently shared a glimpse into the process behind a special zine made specifically for Dungeon Master by his partner and knockout drummer Estée Preda. “In addition to sharing the process behind creating the zine, my goal was to candidly display my day-to-day existence as an artist with an on-the-fly documentary style,” Estée explains.

Dungeon Master, Englehorn’s debut album on Secret City Records, is an underdog opus that sparkles with Dada spirit – a playful juxtaposition of isolation, alienation and mild OCD. Surprising, paranoid and peppered with synths and strings, Dungeon Master is deeper than a cellar and more brutal than a club – a chilling introduction to a finally arrived artist.

“I let my subconscious drive,” Gus admits, and listening to these 10 tracks, it’s hard not to do the same thing: sit like a dog daydreaming on two legs; like a fisherwoman with her net; like a snowboarder with a mouth full of powder.

Tour dates

March 9 – New Colossus Festival, New York, NY
March 10 – Collision @ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (with Godcaster)
March 11 – Casa Nueva @ Athens, OH (with Godcaster)
March 12 – Whirling Tiger @ Louiseville, KY (with Godcaster)
March 14 – Rubber Gloves @ Denton, TX (with Godcaster)
March 15-19 – SXSW @ Austin, TX

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