Helping homeless people amid falling temperatures and snow

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – One day it’s sunny and it’s 60 degrees. Later in the same day, we are confronted with snow.

“The thing is, it’s March in Kentucky. So we are used to it going up and down. Now what we had last night was quite dramatic,” said Ginny Ramsey of the Catholic Action Center.

Dramatic and potentially deadly.

“Letting people know they have to get it, you know, it was coming last night.”

Ginny Ramsey and her Catholic Action Center volunteers did their best to let the homeless in Lexington know that the weather was about to get worse.

“Going from warm weather to rain and then snow which was so fast and so furious is a challenge for everyone. Just imagine being stuck in your garden.

Ramsey said first responders and police were making nightly rounds, picking up anyone they saw and taking them to a shelter. But that in itself highlights another problem.

“The number of homeless people has increased dramatically. COVID has also been the biggest challenge.

Ramsey said they have had to limit the number of volunteers and the number of those who can stay overnight in their shelter.

“People are living in cars more, there are more being displaced and there are more being left out because of shelter limitations as well.”

For now…

“Our hope and prayer is that this will be the last real success of this winter.”

If you’re looking to help, the Catholic Action Center needs prepackaged snacks right now. You can learn more here.

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