Hotel recruits stuffed animal until it finds its owner

LEXINGTON, Ky. – A Lexington hotel is on a mission to return a lost stuffed animal to its owner. The missing pink sloth has recently found its way around the hotel, from reception to room cleaning.

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  • Embassy Suites Lexington Green strives to return a stuffed animal to its owners
  • A guest brought the stuffed animal to his office on the Sunday before Christmas
  • The hotel posted on Facebook in the hopes that the story will find the owner or the owner’s family
  • As of Thursday, December 30, they still had not found a home for the sloth

Over the past week, Embassy Suites employees have had an additional employee named Sloth helping around the hotel, and Trey Moreau, sales manager, says she’s been a handful.

“Laziness got involved in so many different things over the past week or so, we caught it in the elevators. We caught up with her in the kitchen. We caught her in spare bedrooms, and then last week she stole the cart from the next store to the Lexington Green store and caught it walking down the road, ”Moreau said.


Take a look back at some of our lazy adventures from last week with the hotel team! We’ve finished contacting everyone in our reservation database, and still no luck. She may simply have to become a permanent resident. Now, what are we going to name it? ??

Posted by Embassy Suites Lexington Green on Sunday, December 26, 2021

Moreau says a guest brought the missing stuffed animal to his office, in hopes someone can find the owner.

“I was like, well, this thing is kinda cute. So we have to try to find its owner. So that’s what prompted me to reach out and just start a Facebook post, ”Moreau said.

Moreau says the Facebook post brought people from all over the country together, working to find the sloth he’s home to.

“I think especially just before the holidays and the start of the new year and just with everything that is going on in the world that is happening in the world with COVID. It’s been, it’s just a way to interact with the guests and maybe get them some holiday spirit while having fun, ”said Moreau.

Moreau continues to get laziness in all kinds of situations and hopes to be reunited with the owner soon so he can share all his adventures at the hotel.

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