How Kentucky congressmen voted on the Jan.6 commission

WASHINGTON – The effort to create an independent commission to investigate the Jan.6 attack on the U.S. Capitol has passed House 252-175. He is now moving to the Senate where his chances are uncertain amid the Republican opposition.

Thirty-five Republicans joined Democrats in pushing the bill through the House on Wednesday, but no Republican from Kentucky was on it.

After the Jan.6 siege on Capitol Hill, Bowling Green Republican Brett Guthrie went to the House to denounce those who stormed the building and to call for a bipartisan commission to investigate the uprising.

“The goal is to find the facts so that this does not happen again,” he said in January.

On Wednesday, Guthrie joined all other Republicans in the Kentucky delegation in voting against the creation of the bipartisan commission, rejecting a deal brokered by another Republican, Republican John Katko of New York.

The commission would include five Democrats and five Republicans who do not sit in Congress. Senior leaders from both parties are expected to approve the subpoenas. The commission would have until the end of December to complete its report. Five people died in the melee and 140 law enforcement officials were injured.

At a press conference Thursday, Spectrum News 1 asked Lexington Republican Andy Barr why he voted against forming the commission.

“I fear that the structure of this commission has been politicized. I don’t like the fact that it was one party and we have investigations going on, the Justice Department has over 400 charges pending against individuals, ”Barr said. “Ultimately, we need a non-partisan, non-partisan response to this and my personal opinion is that if you want to investigate political violence, you shouldn’t rule out political violence on the baseball field, there is. a few years that almost killed several of our colleagues. . “

Other Kentucky Republicans who voted against the commission are Rep. Thomas Massie, Rep. Hal Rogers, and Rep. James Comer.

Louisville Congressman John Yarmuth, the only Democrat representing the Commonwealth in Washington, was the only member from Kentucky to support the creation of the panel.

“They did something very cynical, which forced the Democrats to proceed without their cooperation in what should be a bipartisan analysis of what happened on January 6, so that they can discredit it as a process supporter, ”Yarmuth said.

Asked by Spectrum News 1 about Republicans’ concerns that the investigation will be a platform for gossip against former President Donald Trump and Trump supporters, Yarmuth said, “I’m tempted to say the bullets are falling there where they can but I think, because of the way it was negotiated, because of President Pelosi and our leadership’s willingness to accept exactly what the Republicans wanted, they downplayed that potential.

Kentucky Senior Senator Mitch McConnell had said he was willing to support a 9/11-style panel, but Wednesday argued the proposal was not needed because bipartisan investigations are underway at the committee level at the committee level. Senate.

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