Inside the great Southern Lights event at Kentucky Horse Park

LEXINGTON, Ky. – As the sun sets across the Kentucky Horse Park sky this time of year, a flood of lighthouses begins to illuminate the path to a unique holiday light show in central Kentucky.

What would you like to know

  • Southern Lights in full swing at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington
  • Family event features over 100,000 individual Christmas lights
  • This year marks the 28th anniversary of the festival of lights
  • Tickets can be purchased online

The Southern Lights Show at Kentucky Horse Park is a 28-year holiday tradition with a three-mile car tour of light shows. It also has a Holiday Village which the whole family can enjoy.

Visitors pose for a photo under festive lights. (Spectrum News 1 / Steve France)

Everything is festive, vacation-themed, and set up for lots of family fun, according to Elizabeth Bartlett of the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation.

But with over 100,000 individual lights, setting up the attraction is no easy feat.

“We actually start at the beginning of September each year and end around November 15,” said Courtney Rue, chief of Southern Lights Village. “We have roughly in total, about 10 to 12,000 man-hours of work going into all of this. About three to 4000 of these are just specific to electricity – to plug in all the electricity, run the cords, make everything work. “

Many parts of the Holiday Scenes Collection over the years have become favorites with everyone who visits, young and old alike.

Southern Lights offers over 100,000 festive lights. (Spectrum News 1 / Steve France)

“They were awesome! Say, did you like the Palmer lights? They were awesome, ”said visitor Taryn Gibson.

Another visitor, McKinley Cornish, praised the way they make the bells.

“Oh they were great. We come every year,” said another visitor, Cord Hobgood.

At Kentucky Horse Park, it’s an annual vacation tradition that seems to grow and improve with each passing year. Bartlett said the park is honored that so many families are incorporating it into their own vacation traditions.

“We love to see parents bring their children. And to turn into grandparents and bring their grandchildren,” Bartlett said. “So we love that it’s wonderful for generations and attracts people from all over bluegrass who are interested in horses and those who are not interested in horses. It’s just a wonderful family event. “

The Kentucky Horse Park has become a must-see vacation tradition for many Kentucky families. (Spectrum News 1 / Steve France)

You can find more information about Southern Lights and purchase your tickets online.

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