Kentucky college student who sings national anthem on public address system goes viral

Third-grade student at Bates Elementary, DCorey Johnson, shares his amazing talent after the morning announcements.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Through the halls of Bates Primary School, the day begins with the morning announcements followed by the reading of the national anthem. However, this is not just a recording. It is sung by third grader DCorey Johnson.

Johnson was first invited to sing “ The Star-Spangled Banner ” by headmistress Alicia Dunn, who said she was at a loss for words after hearing the child’s larger than life voice. nine years.

“I really didn’t know what to expect and when he was done I couldn’t finish the announcements,” Dunn said.

Her performance was captured on video and went viral. Johnson now has a lot of requests to sing it and not just after the morning announcements.

“I’ve never had to sing the national anthem before, but now they want me to sing in a baseball [game] and football [game] and in a school and everywhere, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my Jesus!’ Johnson said.

Breathtaking performances are nothing new to Johnson. His mother, Nakia, says he made his debut at the Louisville Central church and community center, which gave him the space he needed to showcase his talent.

“DCorey started singing at St. Stephen Baptist Church, he was a little trick and he sang over the song and he raised his hand and praised the Lord,” Nakia said. “So we ended up putting him in the choir when he was four. I knew the little boy was good then.

Sherlene Shanklin from WHAS11 had a backstage exclusive with Johnson as he shared his technique and approach to singing ahead of the performance of the National Anthem.

Then came the front row seat for the performance and Johnson certainly didn’t disappoint.

Before being asked to sing the song over the intercom for the first time, Johnson said he didn’t know all the words. However, with his special talent, he said it was easy to learn quickly.

“I type everything really fast like ‘1, 2, 3, 4,’ Johnson said with a snap of his fingers.” Like that, and I love to sing. ”

Headmistress Dunn said she and her staff believe every child has a hidden talent or a “voice” in Johnson’s case begging to be nurtured.

“At Bates we are seen as a leader and I as a school,” she said. “Within this leader in me, the school is to find the strengths of the child and to discover his passions, to discover his talents and to build this child inside. Every child has something fabulous about them.

Johnson has already planned the vision for his future, and as his talent grows, so do his dreams.

“My dream and my goal is to be famous and on Broadway and to show people who I really am,” Johnson said.

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