Kentucky Finished Recruiting In 2021?

John Calipari’s construction of the Kentucky 2021-22 basketball roster has been the topic of BBN conversation in the months since the Wildcats’ season concluded at the SEC tournament. This speech has been silenced for the past two weeks following the additions of CJ Fredrick, TyTy Washington and Sahvir Wheeler. Kentucky’s list is starting to look like a competitor’s list, but it may not be complete.

This week I had conversations with Kentucky‘s two new assistant coaches, Chin Coleman and Orlando Antigua. During the Kentucky Roll Call chat, my right-hand man TJ Walker asked each of them, “Are you finished recruiting now?”

“Recruitment – are we ready to recruit yet? I do not know. We have 13 scholarships available, ”exclaimed Antigua.

Coleman gave a similar roundabout response. “When is the tip-off? When do we start playing? I’m telling you what, when the ball is tipped that day when we play Duke, that’s when we’ll know it, ”he said.

“It has become a never-ending deal, a revolving door with the way college basketball plays out right now. Hopefully, all jokes aside, I think we should get closer to what we have that is going to be in the asshole with us here.

There are two big uncertainties that have spent the spring on campus. Davion Mintz has announced he is exploring NBA draft options, while Keion Brooks has remained silent. Kentucky may or may not try to remove another player from the high school or portal ranks, but they’re certainly trying to convince the two to come back for another year.

“The first day of school after summer is when we know what our team is,” Coleman said. “This is one of those transactions that you will have to manage throughout the year. You will never be able to stop recruiting your own players. Of course, you have to recruit future players, but you have to recruit your own players every day. You have to spend time with them and nurture those relationships and it will be an ongoing job.

The first day of classes this fall is August 23. We may not know exactly what the list will look like until then.

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