Kentucky friends go green to harvest green for cancer research

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) – Four men travel across the state, hitting golf courses along the way, working on a mission: to play golf to heal.

Al Starnes, Mike Wright, Mike McGill and George Radford together banned in honor of Wright’s father, Gene Wright, to raise funds and promote cancer research.

“He was diagnosed with cancer in 2003. And they told him he would have a year to live if he didn’t try experimental medicine,” Wright said. “He chose to do it, knowing it might not save his life. But I remember he said: if this can save someone else in the future or help someone else, I want to do it.

These treatments gave him a few more years, prompting the idea for Wright to help fund similar research by creating Golfing Kentucky for a Cure.

The golf courses give the group a round of golf and the men take the money they would have spent on the game and fees, pooling it into a fund to donate to the Trigg County Relay for Life .

“Cancer affects all families and we’re just trying to do our little bit and raise money for cancer research,” Starnes said. “Overall, at the moment we are entitled to approximately $ 7,000 in the account.”

The men have each seen the effects of cancer on families and a couple are survivors. They hope to use their mission to share the importance of small ideas to the big question of cancer research.

“Eventually there will be a cure, I believe. But, you know, it’s a bit more of a gesture than an amount, ”Wright said. “But it can show what can be done with an idea.”

They visited Perry County on Wednesday, followed by Floyd County on Thursday, with plans to hit Pike and Letcher counties in the coming days.

Their website tracks their tours, showing the courses they’ve visited in 44 of the state’s 120 counties. Mane also spends time eating at some small businesses in the counties, supporting communities that support their mission.

You can donate to the cause here.

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