Kentucky House Bill Will Bring New Health Care Education Center to Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) – Representative Suzanne Miles of Owensboro introduced House Bill 751 to address the shortage of health care workers in the state.

The bill will establish the Commonwealth West Healthcare Workforce Innovation Center.

It will be an upcoming facility in Owensboro that will serve as a center for health education and training.

Through a collaborative hands-on learning opportunity from various public and private schools in Western Kentucky, healthcare workers will come together to advance their knowledge.

Suzanne Miles says this bill will bring to life a new concept in health care education.

She says allowing schools to combine their efforts and learn from each other will hopefully result in providing the highest quality health care for years to come.

“They can network all of their networks to provide a service that anyone can use. So you could have a Western Kentucky University student being taught by a Brescia University student so our private educators have joined in on that so it’s not just a government idea so to speak said Miles.

In partnership with Owensboro Health providers, the facility plans to have participation from at least six different universities.

So far, students and staff at Owensboro Community Technical College, Brescia University, Kentucky Wesleyan, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University and Murray State University have all asked to participate in the teaching and learning process in the new establishment.

The facility will also provide the opportunity for dual credit high school students and non-traditional students who wish to further their education.

Dr. Scott Williams, president of Owensboro Community Technical College, says his health care teachers are excited to use this facility to advance their programs.

“They want to expand health care training,” Williams said. “It’s what they like to do, it’s what excites them. They want to give back to their careers. So I think from their perspective, it’s giving them tools in an innovative and collaborative way that they haven’t seen before. »

Miles says the bill passed the House and is now going through the Senate.

She says budget details are still being worked out, but schools currently involved plan to integrate the new collaborative teaching method into their curriculum starting in the fall.

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