Kentucky Unemployment Task Force Holds Final Meeting

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) – For months, Kentucky lawmakers gathered in a special task force to tackle the state’s unemployment system.

It comes after tens of thousands of people lost their jobs during the pandemic. Many of them have had difficulty collecting their allowances.

On Tuesday morning, the last meeting of the Unemployment Task Force was held as they prepare to give recommendations to lawmakers.

These recommendations could be used to develop bills for consideration in next year’s legislative session.

Tuesday’s meeting came as some lawmakers said the recommendations did not go far enough and some labor officials fear the changes would end up doing more harm than help.

The task force met and heard from various organizations and representatives of state labor and labor.

Much of the discussion has centered on the new system which will take several years to operate and will replace the outdated and outdated unemployment computer system that many attribute to the backlog of claims and issues dating back to March 2020.

However, several lawmakers say workers will not be helped by these recommendations and that more voices should be heard, while others have defended the committee’s work.

There were also a number of worker groups and unions at the meeting and several of them spoke out saying they feared the reforms would end up hurting workers. An AFL CIO man said people cannot survive with 50% unemployment.

Next year’s legislative session begins in January. One issue that could be included in legislation will be to expand the role of Kentucky Career Centers.

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