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After several consecutive months of removing more voters from the voters list, Kentucky recorded a net gain of 82 voters in April. While 5,009 new registrations were registered, 4,927 registrations were canceled. 3,396 of them were deceased voters, 1,076 voters who voluntarily opted out and 455 were convicted of felony.

“I’m glad voter registration is starting to rebound,” Adams said. “This increase in voter interest follows our successful efforts to increase public confidence in our electoral system.”

Registered Democrats make up 46 percent of the electorate with 1,653,756 registered voters, although the margin over Republicans continues to narrow. Democratic registration has fallen by 1,707 since March 31, a drop of 0.10%. Republican registered voters total 1,574,268, or 44% of voters. Republicans saw an increase of 1,055 registered voters, an increase of 0.07% from March 31.

In addition, nine percent of voters, 332,236, are listed under other affiliations, which have seen an increase of 734 registered since March 31, an increase of 0.22 percent.

Full registration statistics are available on the State Board of Elections website.

Kentucky does not have a primary or general election in 2021. There will be a full ballot in 2022, including a race for the United States Senate, the six seats in Congress, the 100 seats in the House of States and half of the State Senate.

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