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KY Forecast for Saturday, August 6, 2022

City/village; Weather conditions; High temperature (F); Low temperature (F); Wind direction; Wind speed (MPH); Humidity (%); Chance of precipitation. (%);UV index

Bowling Green;Spotted Storm;87;74;SE;7;74%;91%;4

Covington;A few thunderstorms;81;72;SSE;6;82%;99%;3

Danville;Some thunderstorm;84;70;SSE;7;74%;95%;4

Fort Campbell;Humid with a thunderstorm;86;73;SSE;7;79%;93%;3

Fort Knox;A parasitic thunderstorm;82;71;SE;5;88%;95%;3

Frankfurt; A thunderstorm in places; 84; 72; SSE; 6; 82%; 95%; 3

Glasgow; A parasitic nocturnal storm; 84; 72; S; 8; 79%; 97%; 5

Henderson;A storm or two;84;69;S;6;81%;90%;3

Jackson;Severe thunderstorms;84;70;SE;1;84%;100%;4

Lexington;Humid with a thunderstorm;84;71;SSE;8;77%;99%;3

London-Corbin;Severe thunderstorms;85;71;SE;6;82%;100%;3

Louisville;Humid with a thunderstorm;84;73;S;7;79%;98%;2

Louisville Bowman;A parasitic thunderstorm;84;73;SSE;6;83%;95%;3

Middlesboro;Severe thunderstorms;84;69;SSE;5;82%;99%;6

Owensboro;Humid with a thunderstorm;85;72;S;8;86%;85%;3

Paducach; A thunderstorm in places; 85; 73; SSE; 5; 82%; 65%; 5

Somerset;Severe thunderstorms;81;70;SE;6;78%;99%;8

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