Lexington Churches Prepare for Christmas Eve Services with Message of Hope

Some churches are broadcasting their Christmas Eve services online and on Facebook for those who still don’t feel safe attending in person.

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – Friday marks a special night – Christmas Eve and the Jewish Sabbath. In a time of deadly natural disasters and increasing cases of coronavirus, a spiritual holiday message may be especially important to many.

Lexington Crossroads Church kicks off Christmas Eve with a message of hope.

“This year’s message is a reminder that Jesus changed everything. May he meet us in the midst of our chaos and bring peace. He can meet us in the midst of despair and bring hope, ”said John Gillispie, community pastor for Crossroads Lexington.

This holiday comes amid and deep in the December 11 tornadoes in Mayfield and Bowling Green and rising variations of Omicron and Delta.

The pastor of St. Paul Catholic Church, Father Richard Watson, says he encourages people to be as safe as possible.
As a former scientist, he says he has some respect for variants.

“We will continue to wear masks and we will continue to try to be as safe as possible as we begin to realize that this could be our new reality,” Watson said.

Watson also plans to include the story of a popular cartoon, Charlie Brown, in his Christmas post.

“To see what, as Charlie Brown says, what is the real meaning of Christmas? This is the message in Luke of the gospel, to the angel to the shepherd, today a Savior is born, ”Watson said.

Churches are offering several services on Friday to give people more options to attend.

“From a person who has followed Jesus for a very long time, or this is their first time here, we try to organize our services and present the message in a way that is a language that everyone can. understand, ”said Gillispie.

Local pastors are spreading a message of hope when it is needed most.

“We say no matter who you are, no matter what you believe, you are welcome here,” said Gillispie.

Some churches are also running their Christmas Eve services online and on Facebook for those who still don’t feel safe attending in person.

For more information on the Crossroads Church campus in Lexington, click here. If you would like to learn more about Christmas services at historic St. Paul’s Catholic Church, click here.

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