Lexington food banks and donation centers face supply chain shortages and price increases

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — With inflation hitting us all, are the organizations that fill the gaps to help those in need forgotten?

“We haven’t seen our donations drop,” said Katie Vogel, director of development for the Hope Center in Lexington. “We have seen them be stable or increase in some cases. I will say though that they have become extremely important to us because now our budgets are much tighter. Our dollar doesn’t go as far on food, on gas, and it’s hard to find things.

With monetary donations not being able to go as far as before, organizations such as the Hope Center have not been able to provide the same assistance to their clients as before.

“We get by with what we have, definitely,” Vogel said. “But that means where a meal might have been a normal-sized portion or even a generous portion in the past, it’s a much more conservative portion now because we just have to be careful without a food budget to a degree that we don’t. In the past, we will accept all food donations and do our best to use and store them properly so that we can feed our customers in our three different cafeterias each day.

The Hope Center helps between 500 and 600 people a day, so any donation can go a long way other than food items.

“Especially as we’re dealing with quite intense heat right now, we urgently need bottled water. We go through a lot more when it’s hot outside and that’s usually something the community We give away socks, clothes, backpacks, travel hygiene items, it’s really important to us.

If you are interested in donating to the Hope Center, that link can be found here.

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