Lexington police need help identifying a package thief

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A Lexington woman who was expecting a single package returned home to find it missing. A check of her doorbell camera showed she had been grabbed by a man who broke into her apartment complex.

“I think he followed a truck,” said Detective Anthony Delimpo, Crime Stoppers coordinator. “The package hadn’t been there for very long. It had been delivered quite recently. So he was following a truck and looking for something exciting to steal. He’s probably done it many times before.

Still, he was careful. Take your time to make sure no one was there. “The video is pretty clear. Show the gentleman walking inside. He knocks on several doors to see if anyone answers,” Delimpo said. “I think he was playing the game of saying if someone answers I’ll just say hello, you have a package delivered.”


That day, no one heard the man knock in the 2900 block of Wintergarden Drive. So, after wondering whether or not he was going to commit this crime, he leaves with a package containing a porcelain doll that does not belong to him.

“I think it was definitely sentimental. Something the victim ordered that she wanted to have and a china doll is something unique and specific and she doesn’t have it anymore,” Delimpo said. We have no idea who it was.”

If you recognize the man in the video, Crime Stoppers recently increased the rewards they pay out to anonymous tipsters. You can report the information by calling the information line at 253-2020 or by going online to p3tips.com.

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