Lexington road crews repair pothole-strewn streets

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Several roads in the Lexington area are receiving much needed repair work.

The city waited until winter ended to open hot mix asphalt plants last week and assess which roads to tackle first.

Lexington uses a system called “Road Care” to determine which roads are most in need of repairs and has found that Lansdowne Drive and Redding Roads are in dire need of repairs.

A road crew in Lexington said they decided to fix both roads at the same time to get them finished and ready to roll as quickly as possible.

“…we’re trying to get all of these areas in the same amount of time so residents don’t experience delays throughout the year, go ahead and eliminate this inconvenience immediately,” said Bryan Beasley, Lexington Streets & Roads project manager.

Road crews said construction of Lansdowne Drive is expected to take about five days and be completed Monday.

Once paving and repairs are completed, the roads are expected to last approximately 15 years.

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