Louisville Acting President Apologizes For Calling School By Wrong Name In Graduate Speech

It’s been just over a week since Lori Stewart Gonzalez took over as Louisville’s interim president after Neeli Bendapudi left for Penn State, and among her first public appearances was the school’s graduation ceremony. In it, she unfortunately made a major bluegrass blunder.

Addressing the graduating class, Gonzalez mistakenly said, “I love the University of Kentucky,” eliciting a few murmurs from the Cardinal crowd.

Gonzalez didn’t seem to realize his mistake at first and continued with his speech. When the crowd’s reaction became more noticeable, she looked around a little puzzled before finally figuring out what she had said and laughing hard at her expense.

“If anyone has a job application that I can fill out after tonight, bring it here,” Gonzalez joked.

Gonzalez then apologized in a statement via Twitter for his graduation blunder:

“Ouch! I gave many speeches, but last night was not my best time,” Gonzales wrote. “I will do better. Congratulations again, graduates, on all your accomplishments! Ls up!”

The two schools have a historic sporting rivalry, especially on hardwood. Men’s teams have played almost every year since 1983, with Kentucky leading the all-time streak with 37 wins in 54 games. With the two teams set to face off at Lexington on Wednesday, it can be assumed that Gonzales will be very careful.

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