Luke Murray and Dino Gaudio as Louisville assistant coaches

Chris Mack hinted at a staff reshuffle during his end-of-season press conference earlier this week. Now we know what he was talking about.

The U of L confirmed that Mack informed two assistant coaches on Wednesday that their current contracts would not be renewed when they expire at the end of next month. Sources tell Card Chronicle that the two coaches are Luke Murray and Dino Gaudio.

Murray is out after spending the past six seasons – three at Xavier and three at Louisville – as Mack’s staff assistant. Murray appears to be on the verge of landing a head coaching job in each of the last two offseason. If that doesn’t happen in the coming weeks, he will have to find new staff to work for in 2021-2022.

Gaudio is also out after quitting his analyst job at ESPN to join Mack’s staff at U of L. The former Wake Forest head coach had been completely absent from the game since his dismissal at Wake in 2010 after having leads deacons to return -Back appearances at NCAA tournaments. While there was an initial plan for Gaudio to remain on the Louisville staff in a new role, it appears that plan will not come to fruition.

As for the replacements who arrive at the end of the bench, if nothing is set for the moment, seeing Kahlil Fennel promoted assistant is a gesture that would not surprise anyone. Fennel has spent the past three seasons as Mack’s director of basketball operations and is very popular with the players.

However, it ends up playing out, it marks the first big staff shake since Mack’s arrival at the University of L. For the past three seasons, it’s Mack, Murray, Gaudio and Pegues sitting in the same places on the bench (well, not this season, but you know what I mean).

Missing the NCAA tournament has consequences.

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