Madison City Council Races Build Big Campaign War Chests | Local government

Madison City Council races attract significant campaign contributions ahead of the April 6 election.


With competitive races in 11 of Madison City Council’s 20 districts, some candidates are raising and spending large sums – perhaps breaking city records – ahead of the April 6 general election.

The latest campaign finance reports show that three races, all involving starters, easily drew the most dollars from Jan.1 to March 22.

The contest between incumbent Paul Skidmore and challenger Nikki Conklin in the 9th district on the West and Wild West sides drew the most money from Jan.1 to March 22. Skidmore received $ 20,541 and Conklin received $ 14,882 for a total of $ 35,423. The candidates emerged from a primary on February 16, which likely increased overall fundraising, but both raised most of their war coffers during the last benchmark period of February 2 to March 22.

In the 14th South Side District, outgoing and current board chair Sheri Carter was awarded $ 9,123 but was passed by challenger Brandi Grayson, who received $ 13,531 for a total of $ 22,654. But Grayson spent a lot more, and Carter had more cash on hand two weeks before the election.

On the north side, in the 18th arrondissement, incumbent Rebecca Kemble received $ 18,684 and challenger Charles Myadze $ 14,704 for a total of $ 33,388. This race also included a primary.

“These are three extremely prestigious and hotly contested races,” said veteran Ald. Mike Verveer, 4th District, who was elected to council in 1995 and runs unopposed next week. “It looks to me like this is breaking the record for fundraising and campaign spending.”

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