Man found incompetent after raping and assaulting 8-year-old black child

* The report below includes a description of child abuse and sexual assault, and may be a trigger for some readers.

A The Kentucky community has responded in collective outrage after a man was found unable to stand trial after raping and fracturing the skull of an 8-year-old with a shovel in 2019.

The child’s identity and race remain unknown due to his age, but the incident occurred in a predominantly black neighborhood in Louisville. Social media users claim the child is black.

On March 11, the Louisville judge Annie o’connelI decided that Madden Rod was mentally incapable and unlikely to regain her competence, dismissing the case under a state law which states that people can only be detained or hospitalized against their will if they are benefiting from treatment, WDRB Reports.

Community supporters gathered around the child and launched a petition early last year calling for Madden to remain in jail.

“Why has its right to walk ‘again’ on the streets ever been considered more important than the constitutional right of the community to have safe and healthy neighborhoods?” reads a statement on the petition. “Children should be safe in their own backyards! Instead, we have a severely abused child who will never be the same again. The community is now demanding that Cane Madden not be released! “

Prior to the rape case, Madden was found mentally incompetent and released after sexually assaulting a woman and biting part of her face in 2017. Justice O’Connell also presided over this case.

Madden was hospitalized afterwards but was released under Kentucky status. Months later, he was arrested again for breaking into a business. A judge released him at the hospital, but within 24 hours of being released, Madden assaulted the young child after finding her playing outside her home.

He was charged with first degree rape, assault and robbery after he stole the girl’s iPad.

A psychiatrist who assessed Madden says he suffers from “deep” mental problems, including social incompetence, intermittent explosive disorder, brief psychotic disorder, learning disability, and PTSD as a result of child abuse. his childhood. Madden also once spread feces on a hospital wall and said he wanted to rape women and hurt animals and children, according to WDRB.

However, community members feel their mental health and well-being is at stake without action being taken, despite the law.

“He has a revolving door when he goes to court,” said Yolanda Walker, of the California Neighborhood Leadership Council. “Whatever he does next, I just feel like (the judge has) blood on his hands.


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