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MARION, KY – Mother Nature brought some relief to Marion, Ky., this weekend as the community deals with an ongoing water crisis.

City leaders say Marion received about an inch and a half of rain over the weekend.

This will increase the water supply by one to two days.

It’s not a lot, but when every gallon counts, the folks at Marion say they’ll take it and pray for more.


“It helped us a bit,” says Danielle Duncan of the town of Marion. “I mean, even though we’re seeing an increase in City Lake and everything, it’s still minimal and still very important that you conserve water. One inch isn’t that much. That’s fine, but it’s not that much.”

She says they need a lot more rain in Marion to make a significant difference to everyday life. City leaders continue to explore several options.


“We’re looking at opening another pumphouse,” Duncan says. “I don’t know the exact location of this yet, but the National Guard is transporting from a different center than our P&H team, so hopefully this will also help increase what is being brought into Old City Lake.”

Right now, she says, the bottled water distribution and boil water advisory are in effect for as long as it takes.

Water delivery is something people continually say they are grateful for.


“We are a family of six,” says Marion resident Michelle Crider. “It helps with cooking while brushing your teeth – all the little things.”

During this time, hundreds of loads of laundry were done for free by Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief.

“They bring them in, they drop them off, and we give them a piece of paper to sign to track their name and number,” says Larry Doughty of Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief. “We wash them, fold them and put them back in a bag for them.”

The group is based at First Baptist Church in Fredonia. Some of the workers, like Chris Knoth, have responded in times of crisis since Hurricane Katrina.

“It fills a need. When you don’t have enough water, you always have laundry,” says Knoth. “We just like to help when they’re in trouble, to let them see the hand of God in what we’re doing, and to help people when they’re hurting.”

Free laundry service continues at First Baptist Church in Fredonia through July 30.


Marion town leaders say they are working around the clock to find solutions and expand water supplies. At this time, emergency management says it’s hard to say exactly how many water days Marion has.

The crisis stems from a leaking levee in April that forced the city to drain Lake George, which was its main source of water supply.

City and state leaders say it could take three to five years before things get back to normal.

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