North Kentucky Avenue murder defendant released on ankle monitor pending further DNA testing

There could be yet another delay in the case of a Hopkinsville woman charged as an accessory to murder in the death of Calvin Taylor in October 2020.

Larayna Manning was due to stand trial in December for the death of Taylor, who was found dead in his North Kentucky Avenue home.

In December, Commonwealth barrister Rick Boling filed a motion to continue the trial to allow the DNA test found on the duct tape used to bind Taylor’s hands and mouth before his death.

All sides were set to go to trial in December by Christian County Circuit Judge Andrew Self, who agreed to postpone the trial because it could be a potential critical piece of evidence.

At a pretrial conference in circuit court on Wednesday, Boling said he was about to receive the final DNA report, but that hair was found on the alleged murder weapon by technicians from laboratory that do not belong to the victim and require further testing.

click to download audioJudge Self ruled against setting aside the August 8 trial date to see if new tests would be received before then, but added that the first DNA test results must be received immediately .

click to download audio Manning has had several previous trial dates moved or postponed for various reasons. His court-appointed lawyer tested positive for COVID-19 last September. It came after Judge Self denied a defense motion alleging prosecutorial misconduct by Boling for filing an intention to seek the death penalty after Manning exercised his right to a fair trial and fast.

A December trial date was canceled after Manning’s son Anthony pleaded for Alford to facilitate first-degree facilitation of complicity in murder and robbery, with each charge carrying a five-year sentence to run concurrently. Judge Self said at the time that Anthony Manning’s plea changed the dynamic of the trial.

After it became apparent there would be another delay, Manning’s court-appointed attorney, Doug Moore, requested a reduction in bond from the previously set $500,000.

click to download audioDespite opposition from Boling, who called Manning a flight risk, Judge Self accepted the reduced bond.

click to download audio No further court date has been set, with all parties hoping that the August 8 trial date will go ahead as scheduled.

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