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Where we live affects the health of our communities. And we can make our communities healthier, stronger and safer! We are delighted to announce that the theme for National Public Health Week 2022 is “Public Health is where you are”.

The mission of your local health department is generally to promote the health of the population.

Public health professionals try to prevent problems from occurring or recurring by implementing educational programs, recommending policies, promoting healthy lifestyles, providing a safe environment, and detecting and controlling infectious diseases. In contrast, clinical professionals like doctors and nurses primarily focus on treating people after they have become ill or injured.

This year’s theme, Public Health is Where You Are, celebrates what we know to be true: where we are, physically, mentally and societally, affects our health and our lives. As we celebrate the 27th NPHW, April 4-10, we want everyone to focus not just on what we can do as individuals, but what we can do as communities to protect and prioritize public health.

It is important to note that Kentucky is one of the most unhealthy states in our country. A few healthy lifestyle choices could change that. First, eating normally proportioned portions of nutritious foods that include at least five fruits and vegetables a day can reduce weight and reduce heart disease and diabetes. Second, exercising about 30 minutes a day can lower blood pressure. Third, avoiding the use of tobacco products can reduce several types of cancer. Finally, making sure you get your necessary preventative screenings can catch illnesses early and dramatically increase your chances of positive health outcomes, while getting your recommended vaccinations can prevent getting the disease in the first place. Visit our website at and click on the “52 Weeks to Health” banner to learn more about each of these areas.

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