Radio Eye celebrates 30 years in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Community members gathered Friday night to recognize an organization that helps those who are visually impaired or disabled.

Dozens of people attended Radio Eye’s 30th anniversary celebration at the Marriott City Center. The organization is the state’s only radio reading and information service for people who are visually impaired, physically handicapped, or unable to read due to a disability.

Those who log in can stay up to date on everything from grocery store sales to the latest health news and updates. It’s a service that event organizers say is needed in the community.

“We serve about two thousand people here in Lexington and that’s probably less than one percent. For the past two years we’ve been reading to our listeners about the different ways to get covid shots things that were closed for covid and when they reopened now this is where to get your reminders how to get government home tests mailed, think about it if you couldn’t read it for yourself, that’s what we do,” said Amy Hatter, Managing Director of Radio Eye.

Hall of Fame members were also inducted at the event. For more information on the organization, visit Radio Eye.

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