Recyclops recycling service begins next week in Bowling Green and Warren County

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — After three years without recycling service, Bowling Green and Warren County will have service available again next week.

Recycle was selected by the Warren County Tax Court in July to provide recycling services to residents, while Scott Waste was selected to handle the county’s solid waste collection.

The company is a subscription-based service typically compared to Uber, but instead of picking up people, they collect your recyclable items. Dennis Wise, vice president of sales and business development for Recyclops, describes the subscription service model: “So we’re stepping in and providing a situation where only people who want to recycle need to participate and that’s something that people use so much now, right? Everybody’s used to Netflix. Everybody’s used to DoorDash. Everybody’s used to Uber. The subscription service has really become something that’s really looked upon favorably by people. people.

Unlike the previous service, the company will not provide special bins for recyclable items. Special bags will be provided to customers by the service at the beginning of each month. The bags, intended for pre-sorted recyclable materials, will then be picked up every two weeks at the customer’s home. Recycling bags will be replenished as full bags are picked up.

The service is not limited to residential areas. County businesses and organizations can also register for recycling.

“So the people of Bowling Green and Warren County really took this opportunity. We had a very fast pre-registration turnover and another great thing is the interest shown by organisations, businesses and churches. Almost everyone wants to get on that train and that’s fantastic,” added Wise.

In addition to picking up recycling, the company also brings jobs in the region. Residents who want to work for the company picking up recycling and transporting the items to recycling centers will be assigned routes and will be paid twice a week by the company.

“Recyclops is very pleased to be here in the Bowling Green and Warren County market. And we are excited to be able to restore door-to-door recycling collection services for all residents of Warren County and Bowling Green. And I know everyone is thrilled to finally have him here and thrilled to receive him,” Wise said.

Subscription rates can be found on their website and vary depending on the items each household wishes to recycle.

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