Simmons College of Kentucky Hosts Health Equity Fair

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Simmons College of Kentucky is on a mission to help people living in the neighborhoods surrounding its campuses live longer, healthier lives.

What do you want to know

  • Simmons College of Kentucky held a healthy equity fair
  • The free event included dental and medical screening, tests and vaccinations, nutrition education, and more.
  • Health experts and staff from health organizations facilitated panel discussions
  • A grant from the State Office of Public Health funded the fair

The school hosted a Health Equity Fair, which included dental and health screening, COVID testing, HIV testing, panel discussions, and fun for the whole family.

“COVID, high blood pressure screenings, health screenings, diabetes, asthma, substance abuse that are rampant in our community. Not just in our community, but in particular they seem to be higher in the black community,” said Von Purdy, vice president of community engagement and development at Simmons College.

Lorna Edwards spent the first part of the day visiting health vendor booths and learning about issues affecting her community.

“I just walked past the Norton Hospital booth and the HIV table on drugs that sometimes African Americans don’t know about and if they have HIV they don’t have to spread it if they know take the pill,” Edwards said.

Healthy eating was at the heart of the fair. Health product providers like Norton Healthcare provided nutrition education and demonstrations of healthy meals.

“We all love to eat, but there’s nothing wrong with eating a little healthier because we all want to live longer and fuller lives,” Purdy said.

Norton Healthcare also used the show as an opportunity to hear from the people they serve in Louisville. They provided surveys to gather opinions about his West Louisville hospital.

“We are also here to talk about our Community Health Worker program, which is going to focus on connecting our community to access to care, primary care, preventative health services like your general way of life” said Latasha Clay, Norton Healthcare’s Institute for Health Equity Program Coordinator.

After Edwards finished touring the health food vendors, she sat down at her stand to serve her three-ingredient frozen lemonades.

“People always ask why did I come up with this and not use Kool-aid or Kool-aid and lemons and make it into Kool-aid or whatever, but my kids, I always fed them fresh vegetables steamed every day, not even salt, butter or pepper on it, so why not go the natural route,” says Edwards.

She is proud to be part of an event promoting healthier lifestyles and building a stronger community.

“I hope everyone takes something positive from this event and shares the knowledge they learned with others in their neighborhood,” Edwards said.

CPR and Narcan administration training was also offered at the health fair.

Simmons College offered a grant to the state public health office to fund the fair.

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