Taylor Mill is the safest town in Kentucky; eleven other NKY cities in the Top 20, according to the SafeWise report

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SafeWise, an organization that promotes safety as a way of life, released its 8th annual report on Kentucky’s Safest Cities – and Northern Kentucky has six cities in the Top Ten, including the #1 Safest City is the Kentucky – Taylor Mill. Six other NKY cities are in the Top 20.

Safewise studies crime and safety trends and reports on how they affect you and your neighborhoods. They review and report on safety and security products, test home security systems and smart devices, all for public safety.

Their list of the ten safest cities in Kentucky for 2022:

1. Taylor Mill
3. Prospect
5. Fort Thomas

6, flat woods
7. Villa Hills
8. Lakeside Park/Crestview Hills
9. Independence

10. Lawrenceburg

In the top 20 list, Fort Mitchell was No. 12, Erlanger No. 14, Highland Heights No. 16, Alexandria No. 17, Fort Wright No. 18, and Ludlow No. 20.

The report says Kentucky’s violent crime rate is below national averages and is among the lowest in the country, but Bluegrass State has seen an 18% increase in violent crime year over year. Property crime has declined over the same period, but Kentuckians worry more about property crime than the average American.

Kentucky’s violent crime rate is 2.5, the lowest in its region (which includes Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennesee) and the tenth lowest in the nation. Kentucky also has a lower property crime rate than the national and regional averages.

Level of concern

According to the SafeWise report, 78% of Kentuckians believe crime is increasing. This is the third highest percentage nationally and eight percentage points more than last year. On the other hand, 1% think crime is going down, the lowest rate in the country. Still, Kentuckians reported experiencing fewer violent crimes and property crimes year over year, but their experience of gun violence increased from 3% to 7% (even though mass shootings in the state decreased by 60%).

Some statistics on violent crime in Kentucky:

• Violent crime accounts for 13% of all crime in Kentucky, although robbery, rape and murder account for a higher percentage of violent crime in the state than the national average.

• 41% of Kentuckians use some form of personal protection with firearms topped at 19%.

• Murder and manslaughter account for 35 or more of all violent crimes in the state.

Property crime in Kentucky

Kentucky residents report the third highest level of concern about property crime: 55%, after only New Yorkers and Texans. But property crimes were actually down 7% year over year.

Some statistics:

• Larceny-theft accounts for 66 percent of all property crimes in the state, below the national average of 71 percent.

• Security systems are the most popular form of asset protection at 35%, but security cameras come second at 33%.

The Safest Cities in Kentucky

From FBI crime data:

• 104 cities in Kentucky met the ranking criteria this year,
• 60% of Kentucky’s 20 safest cities climbed 10 or more places over last year. Ludlow climbed an astonishing 47 positions to land in 20th place.
• Taylor Mill and Prospect reported 0 violent crimes.
• Fort Wright was the single safest city to report a murder.
• Five cities reported no murders, rapes or robberies: Taylor Mill, Wilmore, Prospect, Paintsville and Central City.
• Although not the most populous city on the list, Erlanger has reported the most burglaries and is tied with Mount Washington for the most motor vehicle thefts of Kentucky’s 20 safest cities .
• 60% of Kentucky cities on this year’s list reported 10 or fewer burglaries and 0 or fewer motor vehicle thefts.

See the methodology for identifying the safest cities here.

See Kentucky’s Safest Cities report here.

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