The Louisville family competing on Family Feud

Louisville Cardinal Josh Minkins’ security family, the Angelinis, appeared on the show on Monday, November 2.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – It was September 2018. And Andrea Angelini felt like her family had killed an audition for Family Feud.

“We got positive feedback and they said, ‘Hey, we really love your family, expect to hear something,’ Angelini said.

But they didn’t. She had brought her mother, brother, sister, nephew and son, Louisville football security Josh Minkins, to try and put on a show.

And the wait has only lengthened.

“In 2019 we’re like, there’s no way they’re calling us at all,” Angelini said. “We got really discouraged because we saw families that we auditioned with that were actually shown.”

“We’re having a family group chat,” Minkins said. “So we were still texting randomly, like every two months or every week. We were like, “Here’s another opportunity. “”

“We had kind of moved on,” Angelini said.

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Fast forward to January 2020. That’s when their call finally came: their audition went as well as they thought it would.

“Oh my God, it’s going to happen,” Angelini said. “All this time we’ve been waiting patiently, it’s going to happen. The kicker was that they didn’t want my brother. They wanted Joshua.”

Initially, this was not going to be a problem. Everyone decided March 8-11 that the family would fly to Los Angeles for registration. And as the year went on, Minkins’ athletic prowess hampered him.

Freshman Cardinal was in his final year at Ballard High School trying to help the boys’ basketball team get to Rupp Arena for the state basketball tournament. And he was supposed to play this weekend.

“Our idea is that no one wins when the family quarrels,” Angelini said. “We were like, ‘Okay, is this a real quarrel?'”

“It was a tough decision,” Minkins said. “But I’m a ‘put my team first’ guy. I didn’t want to let them down. Also, I don’t want to let my family down because I knew the opportunity we had.”

So he stayed behind and played. Ballard ended up losing to Male, missing the state tournament, which was canceled due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Angelini’s brother had taken Josh’s place. And the family had to audition again.

“Now you are on stage,” Angelini said. “Now the lights are shining. Is your family good enough to keep doing this? “

They were and there was still a lot to learn. As the captain of the family, Andrea took away a few key things. First of all, the host Steve Harvey is genuine and welcoming.

“He’s a nutcase,” Angelini said. “He’s everything you can imagine. You find yourself calling him Uncle Steve. He walked past and I said, ‘You smell so good.’ It’s so neat and so tailored and put together. “

And second? The Feud leaves you hungry.

“The hardest thing was being hungry,” Angelini said with a laugh. “You sit there and you’re like, in a studio, the lights are flashing and they’re like ‘Three, two, one, together!’ And you’re like, “Food, food, peppermint, water!” “

Once they were done, the family went hungry to know when this episode actually aired. That’s when another waiting game arrived: it was originally scheduled to take place in May before being pushed back to August and then September. Eventually, they found out that it would air on Monday, November 2.

“It’s like waiting for Christmas, a child who is just waiting,” Angelini said. “Like, okay, we know it’s going to happen. And what seemed like a long wait now seems like a moment and it’s already here.”

“I hated not being on the show because I really wanted to be there,” Minkins said. “But my emotions were that I’m really happy for them. So I can’t wait for people to see the episode.”

The Angelini family won big in Monday’s episode of Family Feud! The family made $ 20,000 when they started out, but they haven’t finished yet. Their second recording airs today on The CW.

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