Thousands flock to downtown Lexington for the annual Cold Brew Coffee Festival

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Thousands of people flocked to downtown Lexington Saturday morning for the annual Cold Brew Coffee Festival. This year, 18 cafes and roasters participated, each creating a specialty blend as well as a classic cold brew to sip.

Organizers say it’s a partnership between local coffee roasters and the Lexington Farmers Market that grows every year.

“All the coffee is great,” Bailey Milam said. “There’s this awesome popsicle, coffee popsicle. You can get non-dairy, you can get regular, you can get lavender. Super delicious.

The event features both locals and vendors from outside Lexington like Berserker Brew in Louisville.

“It’s just fun to be here and meet a lot of new people,” said Summer Hendricks of Berserker Brew. “Not just the vendors, but you know people on the street just come to check the coffee.”

“We’re thrilled to be here, it’s a great time for the community to come together,” said Rhett Constantine of Old School Coffee. “I’m excited to try a lot of local roasters.”

Attendees say the weather was perfect, which helped boost attendance.

“There are a lot of people,” said participant Michael Vatti. “It’s been a lot of fun and a great way to pick me up in the morning.”

Cold Brew Winners:

1st place – tier 4 roasters

2nd Place – Can Roasters

3rd place – Battlefield Coffee Co.

Specialty Coffee Winners:

1st Place – Leestown Coffee House

2nd place – Battlefield Coffee Co.

3rd Place – Dry Stack + Coffee Bar Coffee Roastery

ABC 36’s Erica Bivens helped judge this year’s event.

Band Front Judges Judges street stunt

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