VACCINE TEAM | Are the vaccine doses the same for children and adults? Do I have to take an antibody test?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – As we continue to monitor the vaccine rollout in Kentucky, we’re here to answer your questions.

Are the vaccine doses the same for children and adults?

At present, Pfizer is the only vaccine approved for children, and it is only for ages 12 and over.

Moderna’s is in the final stages of its trials for children.

Pfizer and Moderna claim that children 12 and older will receive the exact same two-dose vaccine schedule as adults.

Vaccine makers say dosage for children under 12 will likely need to be changed, these trials are only just beginning.

Johnson and Johnson recently began testing his vaccine on children 12 and older. It is not yet known whether they will receive the same vaccine as adults.

If I am fully vaccinated, do I need to have an antibody test to check my immunity?

Again this week, the FDA advised against doing antibody tests to assess protection against COVID-19. The FDA claims that current vaccines induce specific antibodies.

At present, the only antibody test in commercial laboratories will only detect antibodies from a natural infection.

Researchers are working to develop tests that will detect the type of antibodies induced by the vaccine, but it is not known when these will be available.

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