VIDEO: Armed restaurant customer scares Black Lives Matter protesters in Louisville

A Louisville restaurant customer scared Black Lives Matter walkers on Saturday night when video caught him pointing a handgun at protesters in a savage scene amid tables on the sidewalk outside La Hunting, the Courier-Journal reported.

What are the details?

The newspaper said the protesters’ protest coincided with the 147th Kentucky Derby and was in memory of Breonna Taylor, who was fatally shot by police last year.

Just after 8:30 p.m., protesters pulled up outside The Hunt on Bardstown Road, about five miles northeast of Churchill Downs, and the Courier-Journal reported that a man watching from the restaurant terrace fired a gun fire and pointed it at the demonstrators during a clash.

It is not known what led to the confrontation, but there are numerous examples of leftist protesters being filmed harassing and terrorizing restaurant patrons at their tables in the name of their causes – like this brave crowd in Washington, D.C. DC, last August:

But apparently the armed boss of the Louisville restaurant wasn’t about to let something like that happen to him.

Video of the confrontation begins with an image of the white haired man in a blue dress shirt and light pants standing near one of the outside tables and pointing a small handgun at the protesters , who scream and make gestures – but without daring to get closer to him.

Image source: Courier-Journal video screenshot

In the clip, one of the protesters can be heard shouting at the man: “You are not the only one with a gun!”

Indeed, two men armed with rifles and handguns who appeared to ensure the safety of the protesters were seen facing the white-haired boss and arguing with him.

Image source: Courier-Journal video screenshot

A woman who appeared to be one of the protesters and a man who appeared to be an employee of the restaurant did their best to keep things calm.

Image source: Courier-Journal video screenshot

The newspaper said other protesters told the group to keep moving, and minutes later several Louisville Police cruisers pulled up outside the restaurant. The Courier-Journal did not indicate whether any arrests had been made.

The video ends with the white-haired man and another man led inside the restaurant as the more armed men watch them leave the premises:

Nothing else?

A number of Twitter commentators have weighed in on a separate video of the incident posted by a Courier-Journal reporter.

While no background to the confrontation was noted in the tweet, it was clear where people watching the clip were on the matter:

  • “THESE BLM TURDS MUST REMAIN THE F *** OUT OF PEOPLE’S LIFE”, commentator wrote. “People who haven’t done anything to harass are harassed in return. It’s going to backfire sooner than you think.”
  • “Lots of stupid assholes have pushed good, honest people to the brink,” another user mentionned. “Best look !!”
  • “Good for him”, another commentator Noted. “Stop harassing and threatening people who eat dinner.”

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