View from the Hill: McChesney Field Campus

A huge outdoor classroom located just 20 minutes from WKU’s main campus provides endless opportunities for learning and connection.

In this week View from the hillWKU’s Amy Bingham shows off everything McChesney Field Campus has to offer.

“It was really the family’s vision to see how they can give back to WKU.”

In 2009, the family of longtime WKU educator Hardin Field McChesney Sr. donated 140 acres of land along the Green River in the Anna community to WKU.

“This is their opportunity to say hey, let’s keep this legacy alive and create opportunities for other people.”

A pavilion named for McChesney’s eldest daughter, Mary McChesney Kindell, was added over a year ago. It includes a covered multipurpose area, classroom space, storage area and restrooms with showers.

“To see it come to fruition where we have this beautiful pavilion and actually have future generations of leaders here using this resource is truly amazing.”

Seven different groups, including a leadership development team from the College of Health and Human Services, used the space this summer for meetings and retreats.

“Just the surroundings are so beautiful that even if you’re in for a full day of meetings, you can look out the window and just see some trees, and we saw a deer running around, you know that stuff you won’t have may not see access to WKU on main campus.

Recreation administration students already maintain nearly four miles of walking trails, and faculty members are encouraged to use the space for other learning opportunities.

“We’re trying to get more universities here to see the beauty and what they can do, the science, you know, the sciences are here. The opportunities are endless, the music, the English, the people here think, create.

Although not open 24 hours a day, the expansive campus is available upon request through the website.

“We also make it available to non-profit groups and community members, as well as commercial groups who may also be interested in meeting space.”

“It’s so close to Bowling Green, so close to campus, but you feel like you’ve been transported to the middle of nowhere.”

For more information on McChesney Field Campus, including pricing, visit

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