Warren County Regional Jail gets new drug detection device

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – A new device at the Warren County Regional Jail will help keep harmful drugs out of the facility.

The prison has purchased a new drug detection device, the MX-908C drug detection device.

The new device will facilitate investigations and also help reduce the risk of illegal drug smuggling and inmate overdose.

“But this device is specifically about traces, trace detection and so this machine, we can take a surface or a mail or some other item and collect a trace sample from it and then this machine will tell us if there are any narcotics present,” said Warren County Jailer Stephen Harmon.

Harmon says they’ll be getting their new device in the coming weeks, adding that while it was a costly expense, you can’t put a price on life.

The price of the device is over $67,000 and will be paid for with funds from the prison canteen, an account that the prison controls under the supervision of the tax court and which is made up of commissions and contracts that are found in jail.

Harmon adds that “we pay for things that benefit the inmate, things that improve the well-being of inmates, we pay for a lot of our rehabilitation projects and courses with that money, but also security and safety projects, l adding cameras, things that help keep inmates and staff safe in the facility.

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