Western Kentucky candle factory to lay off workers

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) – The Kentucky Career Center Office of Employer & Apprenticeship Service reported a notice of filing of a notice of mass layoffs from Mayfield Consumer Products.

The notice says the plant is closing and will affect 501 employees.

“MCP has determined that due to the recent devastating tornado that destroyed the plant, it can no longer continue to operate at this location in Mayfield, Kentucky.”

Operations halted on December 10, 2021, when tornadoes destroyed the plant, killing nine people.

MCP will continue with its plan to operate in other counties in Ky.

“MCP’s plan is to expedite the opening of its planned facility located at Hickory Point (HP), 22 Rifle Trail, Hickory, KY 42051.”

Many employees will be offered a transfer to the new Hickory Point plant, but the plant cannot accommodate all 501 employees.

“As a result, not all employees will be able to transition to this plant. Employees who have not been offered a transfer to the new facility will be terminated.”

The company provided less than 60 days’ notice for the cessation of operations in Mayfield, as the cessation was due to the unforeseeable natural disaster that occurred on December 10, 2021 and the unforeseen business circumstances that followed that disaster.

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